Controversy over Eaves ad continues to simmer.

The Political Insider has this from Karen Handel:

“And it was over the top, and frankly despicable, and for me, having served on the commission for the past three years, knowing the kind of partnership that I have personally struck with the city of Atlanta and Mayor Franklin, I can tell you right now the three Republicans on the board of commissioners were Shirley Franklin’s best allies when it came to doing some important initiatives for the city of Atlanta.


  1. Steve Barton says:

    I’m not so sure about Dick Williams’ pronouncement. Franklin has great appeal to female voters, and everybody seems to forgive everything these days, eventually.

    Here is a chime on why the radio ad was so bad:

    — Opponent not mentioned by name.
    — Opponent has no history or background to support the claims of the ad. Not particularly “right wing.”
    — Small stakes.
    Bottom line of the ad’s message: Republicans are racist.

    The broad sweep of the nasty message, uncoupled from any facts of a county commission race = a really crappy thing to throw into the town square.

    Williams’ further comment, “When Shirley next asks for something from state/regional/business leaders, are they going to say ‘Are you sure you don’t want firehoses?'” (or words to that effect) was priceless.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    I agree with most of that, Steve, except the bottom line of the ad’s message.

    If you recall, the last line has John Lewis saying basically vote for Eaves, “Your life may depend on it.”

    Call me nuts, but it really seems to me that the message is “Republicans will kill you.”

  3. atlantaman says:

    Everyone seems to think this has hurt Shirley’s chances of higher elected office. I don’t honestly know whether she is a viable statewide candidate or not, I’m sure she’d like to convince Lewis to resign (which may be difficult now that the Dems are back in power).

    Another thing to keep in mind is that under a Dem President she would be a prime candidate for Secretary of HUD. Rumor has it that she was jockying for that position under Kerry. Would her biggoted radio ad matter to Hillary…probably not. I think she would be on the short list for a lot of positions in a Dem Whitehouse.

  4. atlantaman says:

    So when they build the Civil Rights museum in Atlanta are they going to place a picture of Lee Morris next to Bull Connor.

    Is there even a need for the museum if all the sacrifice, beatings, killings, etc. that the civil rights workers went through is the equivalent of mild mannered, socially liberal Lee Morris. I don’t remember the civil rights movement very well, but my perspecitive has definitley changed since those who were in the heat of the battle are claiming it was the equivalent of Lee Morris becoming Chair of the Fulton County Commission.

  5. conservativecore says:

    Franklin’s chance of being elected state wide is over. Especially since instead of agreeing she crossed the line and apologizing she defend this racist bigotted attack. The fact is if I as a white male had made a comment lets say about MARTA coming to Cobb I would be a racist but if Shirley, John Dog Bone Lewis and Andy Anti-Semite Young pop off that is ok and we will continue to not hold them accountable. The fact is untilt the black community stops allowing their leaders like shirley and john and andy to use race then I have a hard time listening to them whine about being discriminated against. You can not have an honest and open dialogue to move forward as long as the these people continue to emabrace the tragdies of the past and refuse to admit they are really just an anchor preventing us all from moving forward.

  6. Jeff says:

    “You life may depend on it” does not necessarily mean that you may die. Think in terms of how certain systems have been put into place by the tax structure, zoning law, I-20, and government spending. Rather than “The Republicans may kill you,” this ad screams “The Republicans do not care about your quality of life.” But conservatives make do with blaming individuals for their lot in life, thematic scenarios that keep millions of people in poverty is too unthinkable, our government would not do such a thing. The government, unfortunately, believed in doing just that a few decades ago…after minority groups (such as those targeted by the ad in question) continued to be stuck in poverty stricken, crime ridden, and low end socio-economically stratified neighborhoods our leaders stood still and turned their back. The public discourse changed, and now the problem needs remedied more than ever. Shit can happen to people, and people can be responsible for their lot in life, but millions of Americans are born into inescapable poverty, they are conditioned to know nothing else, and we…their brothers in the eyes of god do nothing. We tend to ridicule them, and pat our pockets inquisitively as we pass by a panhandler asking for change, we build highways to keep them out of affluent areas. Why? Don’t these people deserve the same opportunities? This ad that made some many of you angry advocated the election of a person(s) who recognize these problems, and can bring the policy question to the spot light. Not every cause gets a George Clooney, Michael J. Fox, Angelina Jolie, or Former President to champion it, and draw attention to an issue, but why wait? We criticize our government for nonaction, we blame former officials (only the ones we personally do not like) for not taking action when they could have, occasionally we criticize incumbents for having an election year conversion, so why do we continue to do nothing? Because a Republican must win, or a Democrat must win, or some other illogical explanation for how the world must work, who must win elections and why. And as soon as something is said that does not fit our frame it is rejected, without consideration. Your life may not depend upon who gets elected in some district outside of your home, but many lives do.

  7. ColinATL says:

    Dick Williams has no credibility as an independent observer. Never has, never will. I seriously doubt Shirley EVER had a chance at statewide office in Georgia.

  8. Jeff says:

    Wow. Convincing arguments. Hey Atlantaman where did you grow up? Don’t lie now. And ColinATL Shirley Franklin has a hell of a chance. You not voting for her means nothing, it is almost like saying that Rudy G. stood no chance of winning a statewide election (bad example…he really doesn’t stand a chance of being elected to anything anymore). Franklin has been an excellent mayor, she has helped bright billions of dollars to the city, and has helped the tourism industry boom. I did not konw that you were an expert on credibility ColinATL, your statements sure do not have any credibility themselves…you should practice a little more on that, or pay attention to the history of the issues…not a single event.

  9. Jeff says:

    On top of all of this “race-baiting” nonsense that you all claim this ad attempted, what about all the “Race-Baiting” that Republicans use on whites, or “Creed Baiting” to get religious people out to vote, or “Economically Advantaged Baiting” to get middle and upper class people out to vote? “Race Baiting” works both ways, where is the controversy about that? What hypocrits you all are.

  10. DougieFresh says:


    Way to justify the unjustifiable. Trying to inflame racial hatred is never an honorable strategy, and those who use it have no class, dignity or sense of honor. These people do not deserve a position of trust anywhere, and it is a shame that the only thing that matters to you is the single letter description after their name.

    Perhaps the Democrats would gain some respect, when they start holding their own accountable to actions. But, it is clear that this is too much to ask for a party completely built on fear mongering and the hatred of various groups.

    I would ask you to stop, but why should I, when it is the most successful thing at demonstrating to independents how bankrupt and destructive the Democrats are.

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