Awake, My Soul

This is a little off the topic of politics but very much on the topic of Georgia.

My brother Matt Hinton is quite the Renaissance man. He teaches at Morehouse College, also teaches classes to home schooled kids, restores and sells antique home fixtures, is a musician, and is now a rising filmmaker along with his wife Erica.

“We have been working on a documentary film about Sacred Harp (shape-note) singing for the past seven years or so and it is finally complete! For those who live in Georgia, it will be aired on GPB (Channel 8 ) on November 13 at 10:00 pm. (It will also air again the following Thursday at midnight and again the following Sunday night at 1:00 am.) Please support us by turning on your television. The better our ratings, the better our chances are of a nationwide broadcast. Also, you can really support us by buying the extended version (featuring an additional 20 minutes that will not be aired) on DVD from the our website. They make great Christmas gifts.”

Sacred Harp singing is one of the oldest and most enduring art forms in Georgia. And much of this documentary was filmed in Georgia

I am of course biased but this documentary is outstanding. Think “Ken Burns” quality with a focus on an authentic Southern art-form. It is also a very nice change to see a depiction of rural Southerners in a positive light. You can check out their website for the trailer.

I hope you all will tune in tonight to Georgia Public Broadcast at 10:00PM for this look at Georgia culture.


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