1. GetReal says:

    I noticed in the excerpt of the story that Sehorn lives in Kathleen. Isn’t that where Perdue actually lives (south of Bonaire)? Is that why this guy got hired to do this job?

  2. rightofcenter says:

    Yeah, he’s only a retired general. Why would anyone think he was competent or something?

    That damn Sonny. I bet this had something to do with that Florida land deal. I know….this Sehorn dude was probably a silent partner with Sonny…..yeah, that’s it! Forward it on to Bobby Kahn at the DPG and maybe they can use it to help the Big Guy beat him! Oh, wait. Nevermind.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The Seahorns are wonderful selfless people. Before throwing a rock and thrashing decent people who SERVED the public, consider what service you’ve provided.

    I’ve thrown a few rocks over the past year, but my statements were qualified and accurate.

    The Seahorns are honorable, decent and not deserving of this drivel.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    and a lot of folks who love to malign good people who serve selflessly and honorably.

    Nothing irritates me more than a bunch of know nothing wind bags who pretend to be intellectually superior while destroying what they have no clue about. They would rather play destructive politics as opposed to pro-active problem solving, all the while hiding behind a moniker because they lack a spine.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Maurice and Mad Dog,

    The article states that Sehorn didn’t like the “investigation” part of the job and that Sehorn agreed with that statement….SO, it is not a “criticism” of someone if that someone ALREADY acknowledges/agrees with the assessment.

    Right of Center

    Generals, retired or otherwise, have competencies in moving troops and accomplishing military goals.

    They are not, as a rule, trained to be “investigators.” SO, “competency” in investigating DOES come into play for their job if they are designated to be the “Inspector General.”

  6. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Bill, the General was a facilitator/ administrator not the investigator. He ran the office. And, he didn’t agree with the assessment. He did say he agreed with some but not entirely.

    “””He said he was not an experienced investigator. “Copeland’s right” about that, he conceded. “But that doesn’t mean you’re unqualified to head the organization.”

    I would far rather have someone who is able to develop teams and allign himself with capable people than a one man show. From all appearances this is precisely what he did.

    “”””I told them when I first got there that if we didn’t uncover a sufficient amount of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption to offset the cost of running our office, then we became waste ourselves,” he said. “And over the last year or so, I didn’t think the office came close to that.”

    The watershed point came with the hiring in 2005 of Dominic Crea as a deputy IG to replace Elizabeth Archer, who resigned to spend more time with her family. Archer was later named by Perdue to replace Sehorn after he resigned.

    “Dominic was very aggressive, proactive and saw things that needed to be done,” the retired general said. “I felt that maybe I wasn’t screwed up. Maybe things do need to be improved. Dominic reinforced a lot of what I had felt.”
    He, frankly, was highly competent to serve in this administrative role.

    Snide rhetoric from people who hide behind bogus names does nothing useful.

  7. Mad Dog says:


    Did all the snide rhetoric from the windbags and bogus bozos strike a nerve? Why, yes it did.

    Must be some truth in the peanut gallery.

    Mad Dog

  8. Steve Barton says:

    “The main issue was the charges,” (Sehorn) said. “I’ll admit some are correct, although most are false as far as I am concerned.”

    The article has many facts, and should be read in its entirety.
    My take:

    Deborah Wallace Copeland is probably a strange agent.

    Sehorn was not a good fit for the IG job.

    Sehorn’s admission probably refers to his emotional nature, that he did touch her arm, and that the office didn’t work very well.

    Sehorn comes across as honest and regretful that his work ended badly.

    And, I didn’t know that Sehorn was a POW.

    This is another data point (along with James B. Stockdale’s poor and truncated leadership of The Citadel and John McCain’s strange odyssey through U.S. politics) supporting the notion that a former POW should not be elected president.

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