Stop the Madness

This is ridiculous.

The U.S. State Department plans to relocate about 10,000 Burundi refugees to America from camps in Africa in the coming years, and Mayor Jack Ellis wants Macon to be part of the effort.

“We could easily accommodate 800 to 1,000, maybe even more than that,


  1. ColinATL says:

    Yeah, helping international refugees who have absolutely nothing and who are struggling to survive is the last thing we need. I’m not saying that you’re out of line with your argument, Erick, but try to sound a little less callous.

  2. macongop says:

    I’m suprised this didn’t make the Telegraph till today, Fox 24 had it last week and so did Steve Wilson’s blog,, Erik where have you been? This stuff should not really surprise you about Macon, we’ve both lived here long enough and been involved with the politics to know what this is all about. All I can say is term limits are a great thing and Ellis has less than 400 days left now.

  3. DougieFresh says:

    Ask the people of Houston what they now think about taking in N.O. refusgees after Katrina. Murder, theft, and violent crime all went through the roof.

    I am not advocating either side in the debate, but looking past the realities in what comes with taking in refugees is foolish. Of course when it is someone else who has to live with the consequences, it is easy to moralize.

  4. mercergirl says:

    One big D- do you live in Macon? Just wondering because we really do have too many problems here. This is not a matter of hate it’s a matter of we can’t help these people and to try and do so would only hurt us.

  5. heroV says:

    1000 people? In a city with a metro area of over 200,000? Sure, they will OVERWHELM the Macon metro area, won’t they? I fail to understand why this is considered “madness.” What if Shirley Franklin and other metro area officials had the same attitude about katrina evacuees? The metro atlanta area had over 80,000 katrina evacuees one year after the hurricane hit, and I don’t remember reading about a katrina inspired violent crime wave that was spawned here.

    Houston just sucks (non-researched dig against Houston), maybe that’s the reason there’s crime there.

  6. DougieFresh says:

    Just as a thought experiment. What if 1,000 serial killer pedophiles were released in Macon. Woudl 1,000 of them have an effect on a metro area of 200,000 people?

    Yes? No? Maybe?

    If yes, then you admit that 1,000 people CAN have an negative effect on 200,000. Do not make the logical falacy to assume I am comparing refugees to serial killer pedophiles.

  7. heroV says:

    What if 1,000 doctors who have devoted their careers to serving the poor for free moved to Macon? Would 1,000 of them have an effect on a metro area of 200,000 people?

    Yes? No? Maybe?

    If yes, then you admit that 1,000 people CAN have a positive effect on 200,000. Do not make the logical fallacy to assume I am comparing refugees to doctors who wish to serve the poor for free.

    Your thought experiment is pointless.

  8. DougieFresh says:

    Of course hv, don’t answer the question, just redicule it. If taking in refugees ever amounted to anything other than a burden, finding a home for them would never be an issue.

    Blind yourself to reality and believe in whatever fairy tales you wish, but it does not change the fact that you wish to burden others without making any effort of your own to accomodate your “high” ideals. Why not donate your home to take in some of these refugees? It is easy to pretend to care, when you don’t actually lose anything by paying lip service.

  9. heroV says:

    Wow, that sounds eerily similar to someone with an overzealous anti-war position when they say to someone who is pro-war “why don’t you enlist?” or “why doesn’t your son or daughter enlist?” and is quickly dismissed by the pro-war advocate.

    I “rediculed” (sic) your question because it was completely pointless and completely inapplicable to this situation, to reality, or any occurrence that will ever be contemplated in any place on earth, ever.

    And since when did this involve stuffing refugees into every Macon home? When you keep pulling out pointless and irrelevant strawman after strawman, it starts to sound fishy. Not that it’s relevant, but I did host a katrina family through a friend who already had NOLA relatives hanging from the rafters in his home. The family stayed in my home for just over 2 weeks before finding (temporary) jobs, their own place, and quickly becoming productive members of our community.

    No one has asked that a Burundi refugee be hosted in yours or any Macon resident’s home. Since you clearly are opposed to having Burundi refugees anywhere near you, no one is asking you to volunteer your home. With your attitude, it is probably a rather wretched place to be hosted anyways.

  10. DougieFresh says:


    It is pointless to debate with someone who lacks the maturity to respond with anything but emotional drivel.

    First off, you said that the addition of 1,000 people would not have an impact on a city the size of Macon. I refuted your point when I pointed out a situation that would have an impact, and you “refuted” it by giving another example that also demonstrates an impact. Of course it was posted in that smug juvenile way, one expects from the left.

    Thanks for proving my point.

    Then in your classy rejoinder, your best point was to demonstrate a spelling mistake/typo on my part. What a well made point that was! I am impressed. If ever there was a professional debating society, you would most likely be an all-star.

    In no way did I say I was against people taking in refugees. I am against people forcing others to pay the consequences for it, and then acting as if they do not have a right to complain. The government has no business harboring refugees. If private individuals want to, that’s another matter, and I will defend anyone’s right to complain about it.

    Despite your pie in the sky belief that refugees are the most holy and wonder group on earth, second only to Jesus in piety, the truth is that they are generally followed by crime waves, and trouble. Refer to the Cuban refugees that landed in Miami in the 80’s as well as the trouble with Katrina refugees in Houston.

    It is an admirable thing to help others; it is foolish to not be realistic about it. It is also foolish to take them en masse an in a concentrated fashion, as it sets up the likelihood of creating second class Ghettos and prevent assimilation. Maybe it is your hope we end up like Canada or the Balkans.

    Let us know when you have signed up to take in your Burundi refugee. Post pictures and know that you have our support.

    Also, in order to help you find an avenue to retort in the way that you are accustomed, I have tried to include a spelling error or two and maybe even a grammatical error in this casual posting.

  11. heroV says:

    It is not the job of government to “harbor refugees.” It is the job of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to help refugees achieve economic self sufficiency as quickly as possible. The Office provides assistance to refugees to help them get on their feet and become self-sufficient. I realize this is exactly the type of program you probably deplore, but you’re going to have to deal with the fact that your tax dollars fund such a program, regardless of where refugees are located. Complain all you want with your juvenile, emotional drivel, but there’s nothing you can realistically do about it until 2008. I couldn’t care less where these Burundi refugees are resettled, but I admire Macon for stepping up to the plate to offer assistance. Shame on you for mocking such a gesture.

    Calling something “emotional drivel” or “juvenile” doesn’t make it so, but if it helps your maintain that sense of intellectual superiority that you clearly possess, keep doing it.

    You neither refuted nor proved anything with your “thought experiment.” My counterexample was presented to demonstrate the sheer nonsense of your example. Your thought experiment was downright juvenile, emotional drivel.

    Again, there were still 80,000 Katrina “refugees” in the metro Atlanta area one year after the hurricane, which, as a percentage basis is more than the number we are talking about here. Where is the Katrina ghetto in Atlanta?

    Again, I can guarantee you that you will not have to host a Burundi refugee in your home, so there’s no need to worry. And please tell me what makes you believe I feel that refugees possess some kind of otherwordly “piety.” Pure juvenile, emotional drivel, DougieFresh. You are a tiresome bore.

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