Quote of the Day

The Political Insider offers up some quotes on lame ducks including this bit:

“The governor got reelected here — he’s now a lame duck governor, and quite frankly, I think Speaker [Glenn] Richardson, Speaker pro tem [Mark] Burkhalter, and Majority Leader [Jerry] Keen, they’re going to work very hard to see that the House does command the budget this time.


  1. foray says:

    The House has always been more powerful, always will be more powerful and will always control the budget, there just isn’t enought time during session for the Senate to change things.

  2. Mad Dog says:


    Man, I just laughed and laughed on that one.

    Didn’t Nancy Scaefer and her financial backers get back in the Senate?

    Oh, I get it. A hate mongering member of the Church of Scientology, who used to operate fake ‘abortion clinics’ to out “immoral women,” is better than the entire House.

    Hell. It’s still not funny.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    For those in the dark, Nancy Schaefer used to operate a series of “clinics,” which advertised free pregnancy tests on billboards.

    Those women who went to these unlicensed medical clinics had their personal information stolen by Nancy.

    Nancy used that information to contact husbands, fathers, churches. employers, … all in the name of being Christian and stopping abortion.

  4. Mad Dog says:


    I don’t think it passes for common knowledge, nor has anyone put it on the web.

    But, just ask Nancy about the 5,000 women she “helped” through her clinics. She’ll be proud to tell you. And, show you the plaques the churches gave her.


  5. northside elephant says:

    Mad Dog,

    Name two women that regret seeking the help of a crisis pregnancy center conected to Sen. Schaefer.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    northside dumbo,

    Why don’t I just lower myself to her standards? Isn’t that your question?

    Out two women again.

    If you and your Christian friend, Nancy want to drag my liberal hiney into court, freaking go for it.

    That’s a triple dog dare!

  7. northside elephant says:

    “Out two women again”??

    N.O.W. and Ms. magazine posted the names of thousands of women who had abortions. What’s the big deal it’s not illegal.

  8. northside elephant says:

    I was just wondering if you were spreading rumors or if there was any independent proof. Maybe you are bitter that Nancy has won two tough races now.

  9. Mad Dog says:

    The big deal, dumbo, would be how the information was acquired and how it is used.

    Isn’t that exactly my point?

    It sounds like you not only know the truth about Nancy, but like you approve. Would I find your name on her disclosure forms?

  10. northside elephant says:

    Yes you would find me on the Senator’s disclosure forms. I am proud to have helped her win. Where you on the losing side?

    I was just wondering if you were spreading rumors or if there was any independent proof. Maybe you are bitter that Nancy has won two tough races now.

  11. Mad Dog says:

    No. You will not find my name on Senator Jackson’s disclosure forms.

    I do not live in the district and I do not work to destroy the voice of people that live in the 50th District.

    Now, do you live in the district?

    I’ve answered your question, but since you don’t understand.

    I have courtroom level proof.

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