Is It Racism or Something Else

Interesting data:

White football players at Georgia and Georgia Tech were much more likely to earn their degrees than their black teammates, according to an NCAA graduation report released Thursday.
The study shows that 72 percent of the white players who signed with Georgia between 1996-99 earned their diploma within six years, compared with just 24 percent of their black counterparts.
There was a similar disparity at Georgia Tech, where white football players had a 72 percent graduation success rate. Blacks were at 41 percent.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    its quite tiring when every single issue about race must–even jokingly–be questioned as having some level of racism.

  2. Steve Barton says:

    Aargh. “Bad culture” sez Thomas Sowell:

    Alternatively, these fine men say “not so”:,0,6141093.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines

    (please note the jiu-jitsu in their line of thinking: folks say black culture results in lots of bad things; here is evidence that changing economic conditions resulted in some good things while black culture did not change; therefore, black culture doesn’t cause bad things)

    Hmmm, don’t any of these guys saying “culture isn’t the difference maker” have kids who go to a regular school with black and white and asian kids of similar economic backgrounds?

    The deltas in performance don’t come from who is stupider, they come from who works harder and whose parents push them to achieve. And those are cultural differences.

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