Re: Collins

Both Collins and Burns ran great races, but they were behind the eight ball from the beginning, with two giant factors against them: (1) The anti-GOP sentiment of national voters, and (2) The fact that Georgia voters were satisfied with their representation.

Public opinions on the state and national levels were at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both still managed to work against the Republican challengers for the 8th and 12th. George Allen in VA set the example yesterday — for those not in runoffs, it’s time to admit that the election is over, congratulate the winners, and move on.

Nationally, that means congratulating the Democrats on their sound victory, in which they not only won open seats but knocked off GOP incumbents. In Georgia, it means congratulating the bipartisan slate of reelected officials — Governor Sonny Perdue, AG Thurbert Baker, Ag Commissioner Tommy Irvin, Congressman Jim Marshall, and others — as well as the Republicans who won the open seats. The people of Georgia have spoken and, outside of being willing to put Republicans into open offices, they have said that they are by and large happy with the state’s status quo, regardless of party.


  1. Fogle says:

    Again Jeff, I remind you that Max could still win the 12th. Even if he doesn’t, Barrow will have won with less than 50.2 percent of the vote… I wouldn’t call that “by and large happy with the state’s status quo.”

    With Barrow losing more than 49.8 percent of the vote and STILL counting, voters in the 12th sure as hell are not “satisfied with their representation.”

  2. JasonW says:

    Hmmm…let me ask you Jeff. If you were in a race as close as the 12th, or running the campaign as close as the 12th, wouldn’t you wait until all the votes are counted and even possibly recounted before you conceded? I know I would. While, I may very well lose, I would at least have made sure I was the loser. Lets look at Washington State (although Rossi should have been declared the winner), we see an election where a close race was decided by several recounts and a court order. But had Gregoire conceded, she would not be the Governor.

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