My Parents Spent $2,000,000+ and…

Well, did Mike Wiggans even get a t-shirt out of the deal?

I have just produced a county by county red/blue map for the Wiggans v Hunstein race, but the only thing is Wiggans lost every single county so the map is entirely blue. Read it and weep.

Hunstein v Wiggans


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Well, unfortunately, this makes two strikes on Bernie Marcus’s swings in Georgia politics.

    The first was his blind backing of Ralph Reed for Lt. Governor, and the 2nd is his attempts to get Wiggins into place as a SC justice.

    Bernie is a great person on a business and a philanthropic level. But, he should refrain from attempting any future forays into any localized political squabbles for a long time; if ever again.

  2. A prominent Democratic activist remarked to me that Bernie Marcus has a billion dollars, and instead of devoting it to world hunger or something he’s devoting it to…the Georgia Supreme Court and Lt. Governor’s race? Time for Bernie to step back and see the bigger picture.

  3. atlantaman says:

    “instead of devoting it to world hunger”

    There are plenty of limosine liberals that quote could easily be said about.

    At least Bernie isn’t demanding the taxpayers foot the bill for every social problem or crying about overt-the-top environmental sanctions – while bathing his dog in Evian water or taking his Honda Prius to the airport to hop on his personal Leer jet at the spur of the moment; i.e. Ann Cox Chambers, Ted Turner, Madonna, Robert Kennedy Jr, John Kerry (they are Teresa’s SUV’s), etc…

  4. JRM2016 says:


    Ever heard of George Soros?

    I’m still waiting for that apology for the horrific, vicious and untrue advertisement run by Hunstein’s campaign.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    The air up there in a Gulfstream is just a tad, uh, precious, isn’t it? Guess it’s hard to see the writing on the wall, particularly the Reed wall, when you’re up above us most of the time.

    Heck, one visit to the Fish Tank and just about anyone who cared could hear Ralph (the fish) and Norton talking amongst themselves about Reed as soon as they landed.

    Norton: “Aw sh*t. We’ve just landed in the reddest state in America! What’da we do now?”

    Ralph: “Beats the *[email protected]& outta me. Get Bernie on the cell would ya?”

    A few moments pass…

    Ralph: “Waddaya mean Bernie don’t take no calls from sharks? The other Ralph ain’t never had a problem gettin’ through.”

    Let’s just hope Ted Haggard wasn’t ever along for a ride. I can’t even go there, not even me…

  6. SpaceyG says:

    JRM, don’t hold yr. breath on that one, ’cause you can stop any lawyer on the street in Atlanta (and being Atlanta that can be every other person you see) and they’ll all tell you it was true. Every bit of it.

  7. Bill Arp says:

    looks like papa taylor will be spending his cash at the local grocery store to feed taylor’s eating habit in Albany now. Kahn could have saved a lot of money if he had filled Taylors mouth full of chicken wings and not let his talk about his kin not getting him in (which would have helped him at the polls)……maybe f if he had looked at the majority (whites) he could have gotten elected.

  8. atlantaman says:

    “you can stop any lawyer on the street in Atlanta (and being Atlanta that can be every other person you see) and they’ll all tell you it was true. Every bit of it.”

    First of all why would any lawyer on a street in Atlanta have anymore expertise on the matter then anyone else, the case was tried in Alabama. Why not stop any member of the Chamber of Commerce and ask them about the truth.

    I’ve never understood this defense of Hunstein, I don’t think anyone is disputing that his nutjob sister claimed that he tried to kill her.

    The problem is that the ad was disingenious and a personal matter. To not state in the ad that his sister’s comments were given no credence in the court proceedings or that Mike was given full Justice Department security clearance after the trial is just awful…especially for a Judge.

    It would be as if some nut named Bob Jones who was just let out of an insaine asylum filed an affidavit that you tried to kill him. It would be factual to state that Bob Jones filed an affidavit that you tried to kill him, but it would be immoral to not mention that it was laughed out of the courtroom for having no basis.

    I thought that was the point of our justice system, to find the truth when one party might be lying. When the court basically finds that a party is lying, you don’t continue to give credibility to that party’s claim.

  9. Jeff says:

    DeacfromGA…you are an ass. If you were rich would you contribute to your sons campaign? How much? And if he lost would it be a waste? Do you have kids? If so they go to school here in GA, right? How much will you spend on his or her education until High School Graduation? A total of over $250,000 avg. Now with what has happened to our education system under the Perdue administration…that is a waste. So…stop wasting your money on your kid/s and spend it on something that will make a difference

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