The Flaggers!

Yes, yes, those Flaggers had a massive impact on this election. But for Ray McBerry and the Flaggers, Sonny could have gotten, what? 100% of the vote maybe? Perhaps.

Congratulations to the Flaggers for all your hard work littering stop signs with “Sonny Lied


  1. Chris says:

    Well done Erick. See that’s the kind of giddy exuberance I’m desperately trying to catch a glimpse of in our liberal media.

  2. JP says:

    Hold the leadership accountable? Sure, if it’s a Democrat. In this case, they aren’t principled enough to vote against the guy who lied to ’em.

    Love this backwards state sometimes.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Did it really take this long for you guys to figure out that the flaggers were irrelevant?

    Seriously, even InsiderAdvantage has already figured that out.

    (We kid because we love you, Matt Towery, but not in a Mark Foley kind of way.)

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