Sonny Perdue Finally Wins An Election

While the rest of the nation is focused on the national GOP, we should say some very kind words about Governor Sonny Perdue.

In 2002, pundits said that Sonny Perdue did not win. Rather, Roy Barnes imploded due to the anger of teachers and the flaggots. That meme was picked up by a lot of people, including me.

Well, no one can say that now. Sonny Perdue not only won, but he won with a higher percentage than anyone expected him to win. And he had coattails. In addition to Sonny’s victory, we saw a host of candidates across the state win — candidates who saw Sonny campaign personally for them.

Beyond that, Sonny managed to stay popular with black voters, white voters, male voters, and female voters. Mark Taylor never was able to overcome Sonny’s popularity. He tried, but failed miserably.

At some point the national media is going to have to give Sonny Perdue notice for what happened in Georgia tonight. It was a very good day for the GOP here and Sonny Perdue can take the credit for that.

Now the question is, will he have more cordial relations with the legislature?


  1. shep1975 says:

    Whew! I’m glad the flaggers were able to make such an impact in this election. I mean, if it weren’t for all of their hard work against Sonny, the Governor might have walked away with 70% of the vote!!!!

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