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It’s a given that there’s going to be something omitted from the front page that somebody wants to talk about this day after the election. So have an open thread. 🙂


  1. Michael C says:

    Property owners in 9 states can breathe a sigh of relief. Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Carolina all passed ballot measures limiting the use of eminant domain.

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    Do the readers of PP really think that the big 3 Republicans (SP, CC, KH) ran good to great campaign and that is why they won or did they just have more money? I was pondering this today and would like everyones thoughts. The reason I ask is that the Democrat Incumbents all won (yes I know PSC is not finished yet.)

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    In order of campaign effectiveness: Handel, Cagle, Perdue. The Governor ran by far the worst campaign of the three, but was benefited by (a) the studs at the GA GOP who backed him despite some missteps by the campaign staff, and (b) an even worse campaign by Taylor.

  4. ugavi says:

    It wasn’t about money, if you look at all three they had strong grassroots campaigns. I do agree with Jeff on order of campaign effectiveness. I don’t agree that Perdue’s campaign staff was incompetent.

    As far as the incumbent Democrats. It’s tough to knock off an incumbent when things are going pretty well in the state, and they have been doing an OK job in their position. None of there have made are serious blunders while they’ve been in office.

    I was surprised at Black as he had a very strong grassroots team. I really hope that Black runs again in 4 years.

    I hope that Gary, Karen, Casey, and Sonny find a way to help Eaton in his run-off.

  5. RandyMiller says:

    Is this Tommy Irvins last run? Seems like I heard that somewhere, and if so I hope Black makes another in the next four. I was really hoping he’d pull this one off. He also had a great team behind him.

    Insofar as JeffE’s comments, I think Taylor’s decision to unleash Rick Dent was the worst mistake of Taylor’s campaign. All that negativity! People get tired of that stuff.

  6. rightofcenter says:

    Interesting how you continue to disparage Sonny and his campaign staff, even after the greatest victory margin since Joe Frank Harris. I also seem to recall you suggesting the strong possibilility of a runoff. A little humility would be very becoming. Many on this board lambasted his ad campaign, as well as his staff. Perhaps they understand the people of this state a little bit better than you, huh? Let me give a little heads up to all the political experts on this board from a mere mortal citizen – Sonny connects with Georgians, and he got out in this campaign and met them face-to-face all over Georgia.

  7. Carpe Forem says:

    Here are the result for the national picks I made Sunday. I went ahead and made a call for VA, however, to toot my own horn in the spirit of Stephen Cobert, “I called it”

    D TX-22: Open (DeLay) D if winner takes all, R If run-off, I’m hoping/working for L.
    D AZ-8: Open (Kolbe) D
    D FL-16: Open (Foley) D
    D IN-8: Hostettler D
    D PA-10: Sherwood D
    D CO-7: Open (Beauprez) D
    D OH-18: Open (Ney) D
    D PA-7: Weldon D
    D NY-24: Open (Boehlert) D
    D IA-1: (Open (Nussle) D
    D NC-11: Taylor D
    U NM-1: Wilson D
    D IN-2: Chocola D
    R OH-15: Pryce D
    R NY-26: Reynolds R–keeps
    D IN-9: Sodrel Und
    R CT-4: Shays D
    R PA-6: Gerlach D
    R IL-6: Open (Hyde) D
    R MN-6: Open (Kennedy) R-keeps
    R FL-13: Open (Harris) D
    U CT-2: Simmons Und
    U WA-8: Reichert R-keeps
    D CT-5: Johnson D
    D NH-2: Bass R-keeps
    D AZ-5: Hayworth Und—- biggest surprise
    R OH-1: Chabot D
    D NY-20: Sweeney D
    D FL-22: Shaw D
    R OH-2: Schmidt Und
    D WI-8: Open (Green) D
    R VA-2: Drake R-keeps
    R NY-25: Walsh R-keeps
    R CO-4: Musgrave R-keeps
    R KY-4: Davis Und
    D PA-8: Fitzpatrick Und
    R AZ-1: Renzi R-keeps
    R NV-2: Open (Gibbons) R-keeps
    D CA-11: Pombo D Abramoff continues to hurt R’s
    R NY-29: Kuhl D
    D NY-19: Kelly Und
    D KY-3: Northup D
    R CA-4: Doolittle R-keeps
    D PA-4: Hart R-keeps
    R NV-3: Porter R-keeps
    R NJ-7: Ferguson R-keeps
    D MN-1: Gutknecht R-keeps
    R ID-1: Sali Und— Where’s the LP here!
    U GA-12: Barrow Und— Maybe R’s get one back here.
    D GA-8: Marshall D-keeps
    D IL-8: Bean D-keeps
    D VT-AL: Open (Sanders) D-keeps
    D IA-3: Boswell D-keeps
    D IN-7: Carson Und
    Dems +26 to 36 Net increase. This is higher than my “gues-timate” of +20 to 23.
    Actual Dems +27

    D MO: Talent (R) D
    D MT: Burns (R) Und –Watch VA, where it goes, MT goes, US goes.
    D VA: Allen (R) Und –See above.
    D MD: Open (D) D-keeps –Close, but the tin-man rust just prior to the finish line.
    D NJ: Menendez (D) D-keeps –A Made Man?
    D RI: Chafee (R) D –I don’t buy the current Mason/Dixon.
    R AZ: Kyl (R) R-keeps –but one to watch, if you’re still up.
    R TN: Open (R) R-keeps –should have kept everyone on the bus… less got back on than got off at Corker’s press conference.
    D MN: Open (D) D-keeps
    D MI: Stabenow (D) D-keeps
    D PA: Santorum (R) D
    D OH: DeWine (R) D
    D WA: Cantwell (D) D-keeps
    D CT: Lieberman (I) D- keeps –I wonder if he would switch to R if circumstances are right, ….nah!
    Dems +5 to 7, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
    Actual Dems +6

  8. Carpe Forem says:

    The results are to the left, the prediction is to the right. The ones I got wrong, I italicized but it didn’t translte to the blog.

    Has anyone looked or have a link to how well the profesional pollster did? Some of those last minute polls by mason dixon were off a bit.

  9. Bill Arp says:

    I cannot believe that there has not been a thread about the poor job of Bobby Kahn. He was a complete joke.

    I mean the the United States is moving to the left and Kahn’s antics caused his party to get crushed in Georgia….pretty big loser.

  10. JasonW says:

    I’m not sure Handel ran the most effective campaign, I think her opponent was much overshadowed in credibility however. I thought Casey ran the best campaign of the state ticket. I agree…partially…with Jeff, I think Sonny’s staff is not ideal, and they are very inefficient and perhaps even incompetent, however, they were able to rally Georgia behind a governor who remains popular. There was never any doubt imho that Sonny was gonna win, however, I didn’t see Mark’s self-destruction (partially because of his almost nastier primary) coming. Gary Black was victim of the old southern democratic farmers who couldn’t break from the mold and the fact that he challenged (and YES, I still think that Gary was the better choice in the primary) an incumbent who was non-controversial and a household name. He also was lacking in an effective television campaign as Irvin had an effective and crippling commercial campaign 🙂

  11. gatormathis says:

    For all you Gary Black fans, word went out today. Please pick up your signs, both removing?saving them for another race.

    They look good, are date generic, and will be great to start off at least a primary with. Either save them, or call the Black campaign, some one will be glad to come by and pick them up.

  12. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Right of Center, you’re correct: it was a resounding, impressive victory, and nowhere near the runoff I thought to be a possibility.

    I still think that the campaign was less than stellar, and am very impressed that he was able to coast to such a large victory in spite of the negatives. It speaks volumes of the rightward (or, more correctly, pro-incumbent) trend in statewide Georgia politics, as well as of the Ga GOP folks and the volunteers that did so much for the Perdue campaign, that the negatives — from his land deal, to the absolutely awful advertising, to the Ayers DUI, and other details — were overcome at the polls, and by an enormous margin.

    Congratulations to Governor Perdue, as we said when originally posting his victory on the front page. He won, and won going away; well done.

  13. Fogle says:

    Ok… apparently this episode aired on Nov. 3, but i’m just catching it. This is still hilarious b/c it’s pre-election, and better, he’s opposite Alec Baldwin. And further, Roseanne Barr just popped-up via satellite.

    This is great…

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