Not to Rub Salt in Wounds

But . . . I find it interesting that every Libertarian candidate running for statewide office got a higher percentage of the vote than Garrett Michael Hayes, except Allen Buckley and Jack Cashin.

Hayes got 75,827 votes or 3.8%.

Kevin Madsen running for Secretary of State got 79.084 votes.

David Chastain running for School Superintendent got 98,464 votes (can you say “protest vote


  1. debbie0040 says:

    It appears the Libertarian was the spolier in Chuck Eaton’s race.

    I think if Chuck had been able to raise a little more money he would have won.

  2. hankreardan says:

    If you look at how the totals have gone in the past this is normal.PSC race is almost always double Gov. race. I believe we receive 20,000 more votes for gov then at any other time in GA History. Hayes did about 50% better than 4 years ago. People will vote Libertarian Downstream but they worry about the top races.

  3. rightofcenter says:

    I predicted the libertarians were polling about twice what they would end up getting, and I was right.

    I also remember one of the Dems on here remarking that Kerry got 42% of the vote, and there was no way that the Big Guy would do worse than Kerry. Way.

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