Net 5

yes, it is 2:41 a.m. and I just got off the phone with Clint Austin.

Net 5 pick up in the Georgia House and the GOP held its own in the Georgia Senate.

Good night Clint. Well done to you, McElhannon, the Stoneridge gang, and the rest of the GOP consultants in Georgia out there.

It’s a shame the national GOP bloodbath is going to overshadow the tremendous success of the Georgia GOP.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    The young stars of the GAGOP, like Paul Bennecke and Marty Klein, had more than a lot to do with the outstanding results, as well. Tip of the cap to the whole gang — it’s nice to live in a state which was by and large the exception to the rule of GOP slaughter this night.

    Great work, folks, and keep it up.

  2. Chris says:

    State headlines on the front page of the Telegraph:
    # Perdue re-elected; Republicans look strong
    # Perdue’s win not as surprising this time
    # Two Ga. House Democrats in too-tight elections
    # Republicans margins in Legislature remain roughly the sam
    # Mega Millions jackpot increases to $63 million

    Someone tell me where I can read about the GOP bloodbath…

  3. Chris says:

    National headlines at the Telegraph, since that’s where the GOP bloodbath occurred:
    # Blast kills 35 at Pakistan army camp
    # Israeli shells hit Gaza town, killing 18
    # Flooding prompts evacuations in N.W.
    # Ohio coin dealer’s trial headed to jury
    # 17 Marines’ conduct in Iraq investigated

    Hm. Where can I read about this GOP bloodbath?

  4. Chris says:

    I want to read about it in our liberal media. Don’t send me to some GOP echochamber. This is supposed to be an enormous victory for the left, and I want to watch the fireworks.

  5. Erick, after party switching (which happened before qualifying) Democrats had 75 members, Republicans had 104 members and there was 1 independent.

    By my count, Democrats still have 75. How is that net 5?

  6. Chris says:

    Here’s a mixed bag of reactions from around the world, none too heavy on the exuberance one would expect from this major victory.

    China for instance is not happy.
    “The Democratic Party … will protect the interests of small and medium American enterprises and labor and that could produce an impact on China-U.S. trade relations,” Zhang Guoqing of the state-run Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said in a report on, one of China’s most popular Internet portals.

    Like Americans should see that as a bad thing.

  7. ColinATL says:

    Personally, I think the success of the GOP in Georgia is integral to the story of the national losses by the GOP. As much as Georgia Republicans hate to admit it, the Georgia GOP is too conservative for most Americans. So when the President tilts heavily to the right, as towards Georgia, and the Georgia GOP wins more races, so does the national GOP lose races.

    The Southern realignment is killing the national party.

  8. Tommy_a2b says:

    Colin, I think you are way off. The reason Republicans lost yesterday is because they were not Conservative enough. People decided they would prefer to elect Democrats to run things if the Republicans were going to try to act like Democrats. Watch in 2 years when the Republicans come back to the true Conservative principles they should have been standing for over the past 3 or so years.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Soooo, Tommy? Tell me, please, what 4 “true Conservative principles” would be.

    Don’t give me “issues”, but give me principles, please, that you don’t think have been followed in the past 5 years of GOP-controlled Congress:

    (I’m just curious to see if people really know the difference between a true principle of conservatism and some “issue-of-the-moment”)

  10. JP says:

    Colin – THANK YOU! I’m afraid if the state remains this smotheringly conservative, I’m out of here. These people can have it.

    Love it, leave it, change it–well obviously “change it” isn’t realistic. Let me go find that relocation service’s phone number…

  11. Bill Arp says:

    Colin and JP- I do believe that you are both correct in the fact that GA is very conservative but the idea that when the Federal government moves to the right that the people rejoice in excitement is a stretch. How do I know this???? Look what happened to the conservative King…. Ralph…..

    However I do agree that the Republicians have done the best job possible getting the moderate votes…..I am not sure if moderate attraction is from their inclusive goals of the party or rather the rank that comes from Bobby Kahn’s leadership that pushes them to the R party.

  12. DougieFresh says:

    It is true that the Republicans were not Conservative enough. They were not conservative enough in the way that matters most to voters in the non southern states, fiscal matters.

    Obsessing on about abortion as the ONLY issue that determines who gets the nomination in a primary is killing Republicans in the midwest and the northeast. I am as neutral as they come on that issue because both sides are inconsistant and would rather have the nation burn down in flames than lose the argument.

    The discussion needs to be about who will get the government off out backs, reduce taxes and close our borders. Sadly, it seems to too often go to 10 commandments in the classroom and abortion.

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