Moving on …

Okay, first, let me say that I purposefully stayed away from everything yesterday.  I was not feeling great going into the night, and I only became more depressed as the night went on.  I just gradually went into a fetal position thinking about the words:  “Speaker Pelosi.”

So, I’ll give you that one, Dems.  You got her.  You got the war to deal with.  You got healthcare to take care of.  You got Social Security to reform.  You got taxes to fix (or raise in your case).  You have national security to address.  You have an immigration crisis to solve.  Now, let’s see you do something with it.

Moving on, I have to disagree with Buzz on one minor detail.  Yesterday was not really bittersweet in my opinion.  It was just bitter.  We knew we would kill the Dems in Georgia.  No big surprise there.  I never had a lot of hope for GA 8 & 12 (although I thought Max was going to pull it out there for a while).  I do agree, though, that these seats will contiously grow more difficult for Marshall and Barrow, and it is almost inevitable that they will go R in the near future.

Finally, the one thing that has made me smile is Erick’s post about Insider Advantage.  I’m glad to know that everyone else will realize how rediculous Matt Towery is.  What a tool.

The thing I’m looking forward to most in Georgia:  “Cagle ’10”!  Sonny won.  He deserved it!  No big shocker there, though.  Let’s look to the future now! 

At the national level, I really don’t have any positives at this point.  Hopefully, this experience will wake up the GOP.  Hopefully, we will get back to basics.  Hopefully, we will embrace the leaders that have led us to victory in the past, rather than some of the recent “leaders” that have proceeded to take us to a place no one wants to go.  Hopefully … well, you get the idea.  Either way, we have a lot of work to do! 

My recommendations:  Sonny should be out on Monday morning campaigning around the state to help us pick up Congressional seats.  Just because we – Republicans – did well here at home doesn’t mean that the GAGOP should get complacent.  As a matter of fact, the state Party could use some “shaking up” of its own.  They need to quit worrying so much about helping a Superior Court candidate who has no business running for office and focusing more on doing their part to help us regain Congress. 

This is not a day to bask in any sort of [unreal] glory.

Oh, and there’s always this as a continuous consolation:  Ralph Reed lost!


  1. Decaturguy says:

    If you were going to beat Marshall or Barrow this would have been the year, given the weak status of the Democratic Party in Georgia, and given two former Congressmen with name recognition ran against them.

    No, save some personal scandal, it will get easier and easier for Marshall and Barrow to get re-elected.

  2. Fogle says:

    Y’all are already calling the 12th for Barrow, but it is FAR TOO CLOSE. I posted this on the “Re: Marshall and Barrow” thread…

    “Again, I remind y’all that Barrow is FAR FROM holding his seat. Max Burns can DEFINITELY still win this thing. It will come down to Effingham County, and then, probably absentee ballots. That means it isn’t looking like we will have a winner for days, weeks or longer. See our analysis for a comprehensive breakdown of the current situation.”

  3. RuralDem says:


    Calm down. Everyone is just assuming look at the current lead in that race will stay the same. It can change. Go fuss at everyone calling the VA and MT races as well or something and PLEASE quit spamming your link everywhere.

  4. heroV says:

    “So, I’ll give you that one, Dems. You got her. You got the war to deal with. You got healthcare to take care of. You got Social Security to reform. You got taxes to fix (or raise in your case). You have national security to address. You have an immigration crisis to solve. Now, let’s see you do something with it.”

    So, what exactly were Republicans doing the past 6 years with both houses and the Presidency? What was stopping them?

  5. CobbGOPer says:

    Um, Cagle in ’10? No.

    I think we’ll see one of two scenarios: Isakson declares for Governor, and no one steps in to challenge him in a primary. Likely wins in a landslide.

    Or, Isakson stays put, and we see Richardson, Westmoreland, Cagle, maybe Johnson, maybe Handel, among probably many others, that declare and duke it out.

    The problem is, under that scenario, if the Dems could settle on one strong candidate and avoid a repeat of Taylor v. Cox (by convincing say, Thurbert Baker to run), that would make things prime for them to take back the Governer’s mansion.

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