Freeman Beats Benedict: A Run Down of the Legislative Races of Interest

The House:

In one of the most closely contested races of the year in Georgia, Allen Freeman has crushed Lauren Benedict. Allen picked up 54.5% of the vote to Lauren’s 45.5% of the vote. Republican Tony Sellier will replace retiring Democrat Representative Robert Ray.

Republican Jimmy Pruett will replace former Speaker of the House and Democrat Terry Coleman. Pruett has 59.5% of the vote right now with 97% reporting.

Charles Jenkins has fended off Frak Wheeler 51.9% to 48.1%.

With 88% reporting in District 13, Republican Katie Dempsey is less than 100 votes ahead of Bob Puckett. UPDATE at 3:05 a.m.: Dempsey has won outside the margin of recount.

Rick Crawford has beaten Roger Waldrop 53% to 46%.

Jeanette Jamison appears to have won again — beating Quarterman 52.7 to 47.3.

Kevin Levitas has flipped District 82 to the Democrats with 54.4% of the vote (Decaturguy endorsed him, giving him the winning margin).

Right now, with 84% reporting, Democrat George Wilson is less than 20 votes ahead of Robert Mumford in District 95.

Democrat Doug McKillip, even with his lying, has beaten Regina Quick and E. H. Culpepper. Had all of Culpepper’s votes gone to Quick, she should have still lost.

Jim Cole kicked Curtis Jenkin’s butt (again). Give up Curtis. Go home.

Gene Maddox got to 53.2% against Stanley Mobley.

The Senate:
Johnny Grant crushed Bruce Gilbert, despite the dirty tricks. He won with 57% of the vote.

Bill Cowsert has taken out Jane Kidd in perhaps the ugliest State Senate race. Cowsert stomped her with 55.1% of the vote.

By slim margins, Nancy Schaefer beat Carol Jackson — 52.7% to 47.3%.

Democrat J. B. Powell appears to have beaten George DeLoach 51.2% to 48.8%.


  1. Bill Arp says:

    WOW….Trent Lott looks like his statement “all politics are local” has proven true in Georgia has come true… big changes…..

  2. Chris says:

    Typical republican. “Don’t feed the troll!” Then, “here trolly trolly trolly, have a crumb on me.”

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