Eaton in the Runoff

Senator David Shafer has already started raising money for Chuck. He sent out an email soliciting funds earlier that a friend forwarded to me. In part, he said:

“This run-off will have an impact beyond deciding who will serve on the Public Service Commission.  It will either be the death blow to the Democratic Party of Georgia or a breath of new life.


  1. drjay says:

    not that they need me to strategize but it would make sense to concentrate resources in areas w/ other hi interest local runoff’s like the judgeship in augusta or the school board pres in sav’h for the next few weeks–i think it was 98 –there was another runoff for psc and the only other race that day was a runoff in augusta-agian for a judgeship-like 40% of the total votes cast in the state came from richmond county–but we never saw either psc candidate in augusta during the 3 week time

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