That’s how I feel this morning. Obviously the bitter part is the national results. Many of the Republicans who lost just plain deserved to lose, but some just got caught up in the current. Such is life.

The sweet is the victories for the GOP in Georgia. I don’t think you can declare Georgia an “complete” Republican state since we failed to unseat any incumbents (Eaton may yet unseat Burgess), nevertheless it was a good night for Republicans in Georgia. As Erick pointed out, Governor Perdue deserves much credit for the Georgia GOP’s good night.

I haven’t looked closely at the results yet, but the Elections Board in Gwinnett reports a 48.74% turnout (in Gwinnett) on their website, which surprises me. I was sure it was higher than that.


  1. Mike says:

    Hopefully when the Republicans get up off the mat, they’ll come up swinging with conservative ideals. It works every time. Too bad they forgot that and tried to out lib the liberals(ie. massive non-discretionary spending increases, a new entitlement program to buy retiree votes, failure to secure our borders, a half-assed attempt to reform SS, etc.). Maybe they’ll grow a set after sitting our for a couple of years.

  2. leftrightcombo says:

    I think Georgia will be a GOP state for a long time..
    I am really looking to see if there are any changes in the Donkey leadership. If they don’t shake up the leadership does anyone doubt the outcome?

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Mike hon. What part of the national (R) loss did you just miss? It’s those very “conservative ideals” that just ran everyone yesterday to the booth to vote their D reps in.

    HardChris just said it all.

  4. Fogle says:

    With what little retrospect I can muster right now, and with our race in the 12th far from over, I can say that I hope the GOP makes some changes over the next few years.

    We need to reduce the social-issue-influence of the “evangelical” crowd. Not to say that I don’t appreciate these folks – and certainly not to bite the hand that feeds me – but I think we wasted a lot of time on social issue when we could have worked on more important stuff.

    I hope the party returns to its fiscal conservative roots and makes this the primary platform. Our true economic prowess should trump all else.

  5. Mike says:

    Spacey, sugar bunch. These guys are hardly acting like conservatives. Read my post again.

    Although I hate to agree with Ccore, abortion was and will continue to be a losing issue for Rebublicans(not to mention the gay marriage amendments).

  6. kevin35 says:

    I woke up today after a long night and am just getting my voice back from a virus. I do not think the donkey’s will change the views in the state and I was one who thought from the playbook I had that the donkey’s had a plan and I drank the kool-aid and was never really accepted in the donkey’s lifestyle due to my red blood and past of helping the best republican get elected. My only thing was trying to help the people of my District but like one person said I would get waxed since I ran as a donkey.

    My reflection on the campaign minus the broken hand and some bumps and bruises.
    The 5 day virus which turned into a 7 day is
    that I picked the wrong county to run against and change teams. There are two types of failures one is failure to try, the second is failure to try since you will lose. I can stand up and say I did not fail since I tried and I spent Sunday putting up Karen Handel signs and not mine.

    In closing I had the highest turnout of people voting for a non incumbent and came close to having more votes then Mark Taylor he had close to 6,000 and I had close to 5,000. Sean waxed me with close to 12,000.

    So I lean back in my chair look at my pets and think well at least Brittany is single.

  7. defnotrep says:

    Bittersweet is right.

    Fogle I think you hoping less social-influence for the evangelical crowd is wishful thinking. I’d say you ain’t seen nothing yet. I hope it’s not true but I think Perdue, et al are beholden.

    I can’t believe Taylor loss by such a huge amount. He should have at least gotten 45%. I underestimated CC and her supporters’ revenge.

    Oh well….on the other hand…my predictions pretty close on for the National level. I said Democrats would take the Senate and 235 for the House.

    I must say though I’m glad it’s over.

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