Taylor concession

A very gracious campaign speech from the former Lt. Governor, with Sacha alongside. “It is important for us now to come together as Georgians.”

“Twenty years of public service ends here tonight, and I would not trade that time for the world…the People of Georgia have spoken, and we honor their decision.”

Grace in defeat from Taylor; anybody think he’ll be back?


  1. truerblue says:

    You go Jacketgirl9! I know people can’t be shocked by this loss. For 3 years political minds have been saying that he would never be elected. I guess tomorrow Mark Taylor will be blaming Cathy Cox for this loss. Truth is he can be blamed for her loss; calling her a racist, saying she suppressed black voter registration….and to think that 60something percent of women voters in Georgia voted for Perdue today…..votes intended for Cathy Cox. If she and Sonny would have been in this race things would look alot different on Nov 8. Poor Sasha…..look out Phipps Plaza, she’ll be maxing out the credit cards tomorrow!

  2. Demonbeck says:

    “anybody think he’ll be back?”

    Mark Taylor has never been known as a person who knows when to quit. He’ll start practicing his comebacks at Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Bill Arp says:

    i bet he goes on Oprah and get criticized for taking the role as the first white fat albert…..hey hee hee…….he should have taken ten of his kin and gotten the big guy thin……I am sure that was Kahn’s idea to say that…

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