Early numbers from Gwinnett

With about half the precincts reporting, Perdue is pulling about 65%, Cagle, Handel, Cox and Wise are all pulling about 60% and the Ox is pulling 70%. Eaton and Brown are pulling about 53%, which I’m not sure will be enough to offset DeKalb and other Democratic strongholds.

Sadly, Black is only winning by 600 votes as I type which signals a long night for our Ag. nominee. Also, McGuire is barely ahead of Baker which is not good news.

Finally, Hunstein is creaming Wiggins. There sure are a lot of lawyers in Gwinnett.


  1. Valedictorian says:

    Where are you getting your results? I keep seeing posts that are 2 to 3 % ahead of the results I am looking at. Anyone know the quickest and most reliable numbers sites?

  2. Broty says:

    Congratulations Buzz – it looks like all your hard work on behalf of the Governor has paid off in Gwinnett. I hope Sonny gives your a raise. 🙂

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