1. Chris says:

    Are these robo-calls? These NRCC robocalls are starting to get coverage on the news, and it’s not all good. Kinda like peeling back the curtains to see how low they’ll go to try to win elections.

    Like telling legally registered voters they’re not qualified to vote and will be arrested if they try.

    Or “>impersonating their opponents to try to undermine their campaigns.

    That’s what I call honor and integrity, GOP style.

  2. Chris says:

    I think the “Stupidest Auto Call Ever” is actually kind of clever, puts a woman’s voice in the back of your mind so when you get to the Supreme Court candidates on the ballot and have no idea who to vote for, the woman’s voice coming back to mind would help the female candidate get your vote.

  3. Chris says:

    The Telegraph has an article here that mentions the robocalls to Marshall’s supporters in Macon.

    A spokesman for Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga., said the committee had deluged Marshall’s middle Georgia district all day Monday with deceptive messages. Marshall is facing former Republican congressman Mac Collins.

    “These calls are illegal. They violate FCC regulations,” Marshall spokesman Doug Moore said.

    “These phone calls are illegal and are intentionally deceiving the voters of Georgia. We will file suit on behalf of the voters, and if we succeed each person who received these calls may receive as much as $500-$1500 apiece.”

  4. rmckibben says:

    The anti-dem one absolutely kills me. What really pisses me off is their assumption that we are all so stupid that we can’t tell the difference between a botched joke and an insult directed at our military. Until someone decides to talk to us like we’re adults I think I’ll stay home.

  5. me says:

    Oh … I feel some numbers coming on. The 7:10 hour program stats say about Jeff, let’s see …

    50% say he’s a frat boy wannabee;

    30% think he’s not even that smart;

    29% have noticed he got something against Marshall because he made an unsupported statement about Marshall’s campaign and his paper had to issue a retraction — yet for some reason hasn’t fired his butt yet — and they’re scratching their heads about that;

    .99% think he can write worth a damn (thanks, Mom, Dad and Sis!)

    .01% say “What’s wrong with writing fake stuff?” (Thank you, Phil Kent!)

    All 100% think he’s got some weird jealously of Marshall’s military cred and can’t understand that MOST courageous vets are Democrats.

    1000% think he’d best ask his edotors about libel before accusing someone of trying to buy votes. (By the way, the way I read it, Marshall is filing suit on behalf of the people voting AGAINST him, too.)

    Bye for now. Got to e-mail this to the Marshall campaign. Jeff, maybe you can post / e-mail to them an apology before I get to them! I’ll race you.

    More numbers from The Program later!

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