1. Chris says:

    It looks like my Treo Internet connectivity is working to the mac via bluetooth, so I’ll be live blogging from the Westin tomorow night over at JasonPye.com. I’ll be the guy in the center of the crowd of people asking me about the results of their particular race of interest.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Very interesting Evans-Novak Report:

    Georgia-3: Rep. Mac Collins (R) has finished very strong, running a much more competitive race than anyone had believed possible against moderate Rep. Jim Marshall (D). Marshall leads well within the margin or error — a lead so small that the expected rainstorm tomorrow in central Georgia could throw the race to Collins. Leaning Republican Takeover.

    Georgia-12: Former Rep. Max Burns (R) is close enough that we expect him to catch Rep. John Barrow (D) tomorrow. If he fails, it is because he lacked a strong ground game in the rural parts of the district. Leaning Republican Takeover.

  3. DougieFresh says:

    I went to a Republican get-together at Cheddars in Macon, and it is a pleasure to talk to Collins. He is a decent guy, I think deserves to be in Congress. Let’s hope that strong finish helps him win.

  4. mercergirl says:

    I was there too- he’s much much better in person that on t.v. ads.

    Btw- I must say the Collins campaign has done a great job. I have been very impressed at everything their relativly young staff has gotten done.

  5. DougieFresh says:

    Mercer G,

    Ah, so did you volunteer any. I went door knocking this weekend, and bought the College Republicans volunteers lunch. I would have done more, but it was a hectic weekend.

  6. mercergirl says:


    Yes I tried to volunteer and do as much as I could for many Republicans. And I held back the urge to put too many stickers on my car (ahem*brian from ellijay*) at my fiances request. Good for you for doing as much as you have- I know it’s appreciated.

  7. gatormathis says:

    “I suggest you get one by tomorrow evening.”

    I can’t belive you guys are going to fall for this.

    It’s the beginning of every torrid MML spam letter and instant message in which someone is about to bilk you out of money.

    Let me guess, tommorrow’s installment will be: “In two days, aol will send each of its AOL messengers a check for 1000 bucks.

    ” If you receive the 1000 grand, you can “reply” to get an additional 1000 smackaroos.

    Every time you send an additional message, you will recieve 100 bucks, a little less, but is unlimited in how many times you can do this.

    And to top it off, you get all this if you simply mail Eric nine teeeeen ninety-five, so get your credit cards ready.

    You guys fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Look it up on snopes.com.


  8. gatormathis says:

    And lest I forget:

    You must send this to at least 57 of your closest friends for it to work. Otherwise, your favorite candidates may not win.

    awe rite den…
    see ya’ll in atlanta tonite,

  9. mercergirl says:


    I believe AOL IM is free now, and has been for a while. Or maybe I’m missing your point.


    Ha, not sure my fiance would appreicate me giving out that kind of info. However if anyone really wants to know they just have to go to enough Republican events in Macon, you’ll find me eventually.

  10. gatormathis says:

    It’s a joke son, simple as that. Everyone bemoans the spam we get, and I was just toying at Erik’s post as if it were a spam solicitation.

    No more, no less.

    Funny how things can be “implied” so easily. But then again, after an election cycle, “implying” is the word of the day.

  11. gatormathis says:

    Chris Farris // Nov 6, 2006 at 7:18 pm

    It looks like my Treo Internet connectivity is working to the mac via bluetooth, so I’ll be live blogging from the Westin tomorow night

    Great to meet you the other night.

    Big Mack and I bumped into him in the Governor’s Room. He looked up at us and laughed, I guess ya’ll don’t really give a damn how big the ‘Big Guy” is.

    To which we concurred, “Nope!”

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