Shafer’s Picks

I’ve been meaning to write about the amendments and referenda, but Senator David Shafer beat me to it. I’ll tell you how I voted:
Yes on the first two amendments, yes to Referendum F, and no to everything else.

It frankly disgusts me that a Republican legislature could put so many referenda on the ballot excluding various persons from the ad valorem tax. You know, I’m all for tax cuts, but these are all special interest tax cuts — let’s exempt the old so we can get their vote, let’s exempt non-profits so we can look like we love puppies, let’s exempt the farmers so we can get their votes. That’s ridiculous. When we cut taxes to special groups, the rest of us pick up their share. We’re not actually cutting taxes with these referenda, we’re shifting the burden to the rest of us.

That there are six referenda and an amendment relating to taxation is just further indication that the GOP will fail in its leadership of this state unless it, in 2007, dedicates itself to the total reform of taxation in Georgia.


  1. Fogle says:


    I wish there was a referendum to send John Barrow back up your way.

    Seriously, you can have the guy back… we don’t want him.

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