Give Peace A Chance

Listen to Jim “The Man” Marshall for 15 minutes and you’ll realize two things: (1) The guy talks very little about anything other than himself and (2) he’s a self proclaimed war hero, though most people tend to agree with that assessment.

He’s been using his self labeled “war hero” mantra to convince Republicans he’s not the arrogant lefty that he actually is — though he has wisely chosen to act like a conservative usually when voting on pieces of legislation by roll call vote.

Well, Jim may label himself as “Billy Bad Ass the War Hero and Fighter,” but it appears from this WSB-TV screen shot that his supporters see him more as a “Make Love Not War” kinda peacenik.

Or maybe they just realize that a vote for Jim is a vote for peace loving Nagging Nancy.


  1. RuralDem says:

    Never heard that about him. Everyone I know that knows him, even partisan Republicans, praise the guy. He represents his district well. How do you know that all of those are “HIS” supporters and not simply anti-war Democrats? If they’re Democrats of course they’ll support him, unless their out of their minds.

    I love how tieing the Foley incident to all Republicans is such a terrible thing, yet you guys have no problem tieing Pelosi and Kerry to every Democrat. Hypocrisy runs rampant I guess.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Let me know when (a) Pelosi and Kerry were never in the leadership, (b) Pelosi and Kerry aren’t out campaigning for Democrats, and (c) Pelosi and Kerry resign.

    By the way — Foley’s IMs turned out to be with an 18 year old.

  3. RuralDem says:

    Blah, the leadership arguement is lame. Are you saying I cannot say I am a Democrat without being looked at as being a Kerry/Pelosi clone?

    Most people can think for themselves and do not need the “leadership” to speak for them. Well, at least on the Dem side.

  4. Chris says:

    Well I hate to break it to the peaceniks but “peace in our time” would decimate our economy. Of course with the impending collapse of the dollar, peace may turn out to be the inevitable result.

  5. Chris says:

    Ok Jeff we’ll be glad to tie Delay and Rove and Abramoff and Hastert to the rank and file GOP, if you insist.

  6. RuralDem says:


    They did nothing wrong! It’s that darn Democratic-leaning media. 🙂

    I’m sure Jim Marshall had something to do with the media reporting on them!

  7. GAGirl says:

    He mentioned Pelosi because a Jim win means another step closer to majority for the Dems and the posibility of Speaker Pelosi. Chill out RuralDem. Both parties tie actions of one individual to all.

  8. RuralDem says:


    I know they do and I think it’s wrong. I think it’s hypocritical though when people on here mention how wrong it is for Democrats to do it and then turn around and do the exact same thing. So, you chill out.

    Marshall has voted for Pelosi before, but you cannot say 100% that he will vote for her this time. Want an example, look at Gene Taylor, he voted against her numerous times and is now actually supporting her.

  9. Chris says:

    I like how they’ve elevated Pelosi to be some huge towering mythological figure that absolutely scares them to death. What a bunch of panty whipped wusses.

  10. Rusty says:

    I doubt it would be hard to find a white supremacist who loooooooooves Mac Collins. The rationale behind this post doesn’t hold even the slightest bit of water.

  11. GAGirl says:

    That’s why I said posibility. Erick was speaking from the perspective of someone who doesn’t want to run the risk of him voting for her or for him to add another seat to the probable Dem majority. I know it’s hypocritical and I know almost everyone does it but I don’t think Erick was with the Pelosi bit.

  12. GAGirl says:

    Pelosi doesn’t scare me, I just don’t agree with her or like her. Well, I lied, her face does kinda scare me sometimes.

    “huge towering mythological figure that absolutely scares them to death” So if that’s how we are elevating Pelosi then how would you describe what you elevate Bush or Perdue to be? Both sides complain about those on the other side they don’t agree with and try to stop them from gaining even more power. That’s all that’s going on. We care about who is in power.

    “panty whipped wusses” haha.

  13. Chris says:

    I don’t see anybody elevating Perdue to anything, including Perdue himself. With Bush however, there’s good reason he should scare every American to death. He now has final say over whether they’re allowed to exist or not, legally.

  14. Chris says:

    Well Jeff, you rest easy in your secure little freedom vacuum believing he’s never been wrong about anything before.

  15. me says:

    Whoa, OK guys. Hey, the 31:08:26 tracking program numbers .

    50% say Erick must be having a personal problem;

    45% say it’s downright un-American to vote for the party instead of the man, that that’s what’s wrong with this country, that it’s apparently the postion of the Reds at the NY Times editorial page (and that, even so, the tenor of this post still suggests that Erick is having some kind of personal problem);

    4% say, “Nah, I’m a Peach Pundit reggeler Republican, and so I believe that even though Jim Marshall talks conservative AND votes conservative AND acts conservative, I just know he’s a liberal, IknowitIknowitIknowit Iknowit and you can’t make me say any diffrent!”

    1% say their Erick’s mommy and it’s time for him to go to bed.

    Now, this comes from vewy, vewy highly placed sources in BOTH parties AND many other people whose information is SOOOOOO good they couln’t POSSIBLY be named, so DON’T EVEN THINK about asking where it came from. But it’s true. It’s really, really true.

  16. GAGirl says:


    The D beside his name contributes to the overall #. That’s all I find wrong with him. That’s just me though. I don’t live in the district so it doesn’t really matter what I think.

  17. katurner says:

    I think you should swing by Jim Marshall’s website and blow up the Vietnam War picture. It looks as if there is a peace sign hanging from his neck.

    I think in and of itself the shot of the peaceniks with the Marshall sign doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Anything other than their choice of Marshall as more than a lesser evil.


  18. defnotrep says:

    I think Erick must be having a bad day. He’s usually more fair-minded.

    lol @ me…we want more numbers on the races

    Finally GAGIRL something we agree on…I think Pelosi can be scary to look at too…she has those runnaway bride eyes…the one from GA. Also, she’s not a fav of mine.

    And as usual, I think Chris makes a lot of sense with facts centered in truth…which is sometimes lacking by the rest of us…

  19. MediaGuyAtl says:

    I worry about which party is going to raise my taxes. They say we’ll raise minimum wage , yet if the Dems roll back the Bush tax cuts, which they say they WILL do. Most of that raise will go right back into the Fed coffers.. I prefer to keep my own cash.. Unions want minumum wage raised since that figured is tied to every contract that they have authored lately. Plus, these unions hate the Walmarts of the world, yet it’s these stores that help the lower and middle class families the most with their low prices. Raise the minimum wage and watch our costs at the stores rise. Plus, the few folks that do work for the minimum wage will be cut back since every business that works within a budget will need to make sure they can cover the increased salaries. Which says fewer hires to me and check history the last time they raised it, people lost jobs.

  20. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Wow. Jim Marshall is an arrogant lefty and he might have just been outed favoring peace. Weird how most people who’ve actually been to war prefer peace while those who haven’t usually ridicule them for it. No surprises here.

  21. kevin35 says:

    The woman with the stop war sign can hold a sign for me she does look cute but the whole statement Jim is making really upsets me. Why why did I pick this year.

  22. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This was in the Telegraph Sunday.

    Police, firefighters back Collins

    The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3 of Macon and the Macon Bibb County Firefighters Association Local No. 121 proudly endorse Mac Collins for Congress.

    We did not endorse Jim Marshall for the following reasons. During Jim Marshall’s tenure as mayor of Macon he did away with the police and firefighters pay scale. He also conducted a study of the pay scale at the same time and never put the pay scale back in place.

    The police and firefighters have fallen so far behind in pay that it will take many years to recover. To this date we still do not have a pay scale. Mr. Marshall said when he left the office of mayor he left the budget balanced.

    He sure did, but he failed to let everyone know he had cut $1.7 million from the Police and Fire Pension Fund to help balance the budget. Prior to this, $2.7 million was in this pension fund.

    We can assure that the police and firefighters suffered tremendously from the acts of Marshall during his tenure as mayor. We urge all voters to vote for Mac Collins for Congress.

    Lieutenant Danny ThigpinJim Wood


  23. jsm says:

    “Blah, the leadership arguement is lame. Are you saying I cannot say I am a Democrat without being looked at as being a Kerry/Pelosi clone?”

    Why do people join/claim a political party? Is it not because of the people in the party and their leadership? Is the party and its platform not guided by its leadership? The leadership argument is real.

    I would much rather be linked with Delay, Hastert, and Rove than Pelosi, Kerry, Clinton, and Kennedy. Abramoff was never part of any party leadership, and trying to slip in that little phoney jab is what’s lame.

    For the good of our Nation, I hope the people of the 8th district see the facts and elect Mac Collins.

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    JSM, Abramoff was an equal opportunity broker. Yes, he did favor Republicans, but there were a good number of Dems who got part of the moolah. But wait, if that’s said we’re partisan hacks. Corruption is color blind and really doesn’t concern itself with partisanship.

    Frankly, I think our party has done quite well with exposing and eliminating corruption where it has surfaced. But we can’t say that either or we’re again partisan hacks.

  25. Jeff Emanuel says:

    It’s interesting, Maurice, that the GOP gets tagged with the Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia, etc. scandals. The corruption was ongoing during the last President’s term, and the criminals were caught, tried, and convicted during this President’s time in office. Somehow, though, this reflects poorly on the current officeholder?

  26. Maurice Atkinson says:

    me, Marshall does vote conservative when it comes to moral issues, and good for him and it is appreciated. However, it seems to me he has more confidence in the individual owning a gun than managing his wallet (ie. Social Security, Fair Tax, tax cuts….).

    Should the Dems sweep control of congress and Marshall re-elected as well, don’t think for a moment there won’t be a quid quo pro for the $39,000 campaign contribution Pelosi’s pac has given. Consider it an investment.

    Mac Collins has consistenly supported individual liberties, less government and lower taxes. At the end of the day would you rather have a gun on your hip or more money and freedoms?

  27. RuralDem says:


    “Why do people join/claim a political party? Is it not because of the people in the party and their leadership? Is the party and its platform not guided by its leadership? The leadership argument is real.”

    Sorry but I am not a Democrat because I looked and saw Pelosi and others like her in power. I believe historically, and still to this day, that the Democratic Party is the party of the working middle class. However, in order of importance, my family, district, state, and country, all come before my party. If I believe a Republican shares many values I share then I am not afraid to say I will support that person.

    That’s the thing, there are a few posters on here who love party unity, yet, if some of those Republicans had a D next to their name, like Perdue did years ago, they’d bash him simply because of the letter beside his name even though he stands for the same values. It’s laughable, yet sad at the same time.


    No, you are a partisan hack when instead of paying attention to candidates and their issues, you simply look to see who has a R or a D next to their name and you vote on that basis alone. If that description fits you then so be it, if not then well that is great as well.

  28. RuralDem says:


    Mac Collins has supported less government? So, he’s pro-choice, and against the government banning gay marriage?

    I doubt it.

    Now you’re picking apart donations. I guess we can pick out someone who has donated the limit to Collins’ campaign and say “oh whoa Collins is beholden to this person because of the campaign contribution!!!!”. Silly isn’t it?

  29. me says:

    Oh, hey guys, I feel some new 21:19:06 tracking program numbers coming to me rom the great beynd … wha’s that, Great Aunt Caroline? You don’t say?

    OK, apparently —

    80% say Maurice just SOUNDS like he must be some chi-chi metro Mac kind of conservative who says that conservative is what the National Review says it is, not what actual people say it is — people who do think their right to keep their gun and pray in the public square comes before cutting the capital gains rate from almost zero to zero while cutting Medicare and rural hospitals, yet still managing to increase the national debt we pass on to our gradchildren;

    10% say he IS just a partisan hack

    4.2% say the 72-hour program will provide enough votes to beat John Lewis in a landslide(See, that’s not a round number, so t lends credibility and stuff!);

    and the rest think Jim Marshall IS a liberal who faked the moon landing AND had something to do with the Kennedy assasination …

    except that two guys (I think there names were “Bill and Ted”, appropriately enough???) thought that Maurice was extra cool and Jim Marshall’s claim to have 46 chromosomes was “laughable”.

  30. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Rural not quite. The $39,000 was from Pelosi pac. Funny though, the Dems don’t want to talk about Pelosi.

    Mac, like Jim opposes both of those issues. Mac, like Jim supports second amendment rights. Jim, however, doesn’t trust you with your wallet. Scraped the pension plan to shore up the city budget and seems to have a problem with people keeping their own hard earned money.

    There are some Dem. I could support. It’s just I have confidence in this ticket, that I can vote for. Sanford Bishop, in south Georgia is a quality representative. Can’t vote for him, so it’s a moot issue. He did attend a function that I helped organize, and I did go out of my way to welcome him and let him know of my appreciation.

  31. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Me, I’m more than an hour from Atlanta and domiciled in the same city as Marshall. Just on a different team.

  32. me says:

    RIght, Mau-rrrice. Marshall is on the Middle Georgia team. You put your party over your nation and your community.

    If you do that, you just might be a hack!

  33. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Well if the shoe fits, I might as well wear it. However, I am far more interested in my wallet. Marshall is on record, and in his advertising and mailers, criticizing Mac for supporting a portion of Social Security going to a private account. Darn, what’s the beef?

    Now, read this slow because according to Jim and many of the Democrats who oppose this concept, Social Security ends with your own and if you are married, your spouse’s demise. If you have a private account you can designate a beneficiary (your children, or whoever you would like) that would receive the balance of the proceeds in the account. What a sinister concept. For me, this is a critical issue. I would like to keep my money, and hope you can too.

  34. ColinATL says:

    Erick, I don’t usually rate your posts, but this one was particularly bad. Go back and re-read it. What happened to the even-handed tone? 🙂

  35. RuralDem says:

    “. Funny though, the Dems don’t want to talk about Pelosi.”

    What is there to talk about Maurice? A contribution is a contribution. Pelosi’s PAC gave him a nice chunk of money, but what about the citizens who maxed out their contribution? If $39,000 from a PAC is important then $5000 from a single citizen is equally important. So is Mac beholden to everyone that maxed out their contributions? I do not see why not.

    Mac, like Jim opposes both of those issues. Mac, like Jim supports second amendment rights.”

    I did not ask about Jim. I asked solely about Mac. Why? You claim he’s for less government yet you just named two issues in which he supports more government intervention. I know where both stand, I just wanted to show you how weak the less government arguement is. Granted, I am pro-life and pro-traditional family, I will admit that both issues involve more government.

    “There are some Dem. I could support. It’s just I have confidence in this ticket, that I can vote for. Sanford Bishop, in south Georgia is a quality representative. Can’t vote for him, so it’s a moot issue. He did attend a function that I helped organize, and I did go out of my way to welcome him and let him know of my appreciation.”

    That’s great. You come off however as anti-Democrat. It’s like anyone with a D, no matter their views, are simply inferior to anyone with a R beside their name. If that’s how you feel then by all means that is fine, it just makes your arguements against Marshall and other Democrats less credible, that’s all.

  36. me says:

    Sooooo, Mauurrrice —

    What are alll those conservative votes of Sanford Bishop’s that differ from Jim Marshall’s? Sanford’s pretty conservative, but seems to me/Me Jim’s more so. Of course, what you really miss is that ideologies are inconsistent and really, really stupid — something that ordinary people have a very god grasp of — but that’s a topic for another day.

    What are the votes?

  37. mercergirl says:

    Hey just wondering…

    Who here besides myself, Maurice, and Erick actually live in Macon and remember Jim Marshall being the mayor?

  38. me says:

    MD 20/20 –

    Apparently you completely misunderstand the “Margin of Vagueness” principle whereby soft whispers of dark forebodings are more credible than actual facts or sound analysis by precisely fou-point-six gagillion-to-one (approximately).

    Anyway, why would you want MY question wording when you can just make up your own results? This the Peach Pundit, after all!

    All the best,


  39. Chris says:

    So a $1.3 million dollar contribution from a group in DC would seem to buy what exactly from Mike Wiggins?

    Definitely not loyalty to local matters or the state’s citizens, if the relevant argument has any merit.

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