Election Eve Fun

Governor Perdue and Lt. Governor Taylor will be flying around the State tomorrow (not together of course). Nothing new there, candidates do it all the time – however both men will end their trips at Peachtree-Dekalb airport tomorrow afternoon at the same time (around 5 pm). This could create an interesting election eve event.

I’ll be there and try to bring you some of the sights and sounds.


  1. HSC Republican says:

    Though it is not as big of a deal…this Summer during the primary fly around Casey Cagle and Mark Taylor had a rally at the same time in Savannah. It was a little akward. I wish I had brought more Sonny Signs!

  2. Fogle says:

    Yesterday afternoon we spent the day tailing Max Burns at a few campaign stops. We stopped in Soperton for the Million Pines Arts and Crafts Festival, and learned that John Barrow would be arriving later.

    No sooner were inside the festival than Johnnie Athens himself came trotting in. There weren’t really any awkward encounters because Barrow went the opposite direction, but we came within sight of each other a few times.

    Max had the Mayor of Soperton accompanying him around and throngs of well-wishers, while Barrow had, well, a pair of really young “College Democrat-looking” guys.

    At any rate, it made for a few close calls. It was quite humorous because the few times we saw Barrow, he was just kind of standing around, hoping someone would come talk to him.

    Poor Johnnie Athens.

  3. rightofcenter says:

    You’re spot on about Johnny Athens. He totally is out of place in the rural portions of the district, while Max is right at home. The exact same thing happened at the Kaolin Festival in Sandersville. Of course, he (Johnny A) may still win due to the demographics. But Max has run one heck of a race.

  4. Chris says:

    In another era I would expect the most statesmen like conduct from these two men, with even a warm greeting and handshake. Now it seems we need small armies to keep each other from having any contact whatsoever.

    Not a good sign of the times, that’s for sure.

  5. Chris says:

    I mean they both are still supposedly working side by side in our government. Why would a face-to-face encounter in public be perceived as awkward?

  6. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Which Flight Center will they fly into? Epps, Mercury or Signature? I wonder if Sonny owns any land adjacent to PDK? I know Vernon Jones owns some property adjacent to Arabia Mountain, maybe Sonny will try to buy that? mark needs to talk about himself and stop looking so bitter if he expects to make a difference Tuesday. Hayes tried is best to stay out of the Fray in the debate but his “deer in the headlights look” scared my 7 year old.. his words not mine. Why does DeKalb County have a school holiday on election day? You’d think our kids could learn something from being at school and watching adults vote? When I went to school in Florida, no holiday we just watched the madness from our class rooms. See you at the Polls!

  7. Mad Dog says:


    Did you really say, “In another era I would expect the most statesmen like conduct from these two men, with even a warm greeting and handshake.”

    It just makes such a good moment to say, MacArther and Truman.

    Does anyone remember how long those two circled the landing field, each of them refusing to land first?

    I guess your point is well taken, but it’s not just candidates that are rude.

    When I was working with Carol Jackson in the 50th, I had met many candidates.

    Anytime I meet a candidate from either party, it’s a handshake and a hello and a good luck to you. And the good luck is sincere. Both parties need better and better candidates. Maybe I said that wrong. The voters need better and better people in office because the problems are getting bigger and bigger.

    And, I must say, every Republican candidate that I’ve shaken hands with and talked to, treated me with respect and kindness. Even Nancy Schaefer and I hate Nancy Schaefer. But, if she can suck it up and treat me decently, I’m going to suck it up and do the same.

  8. Fogle says:

    “It just makes such a good moment to say, MacArther and Truman.”

    Umm… can you say Hamilton – Burr? How about Jefferson – Adams? For that matter, Adams and pretty much everyone (e.g. with Franklin in France).

    But Mad Dog – as much as I hate to admit this – you make a great point.

    We love to glamorize the past with the whole “back when” nostalgia. But that’s crap, especially with regard to Chris’ point. Politics was just as dirty, negative and cynical “back when” as it is now; only the message and medium has changed.

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