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Yesterday at both RedState and my own site I posted, after many requests, my thoughts on that preacher in Colorado who was fornicating with a gay prostitute. I have absolute no idea who the guy is. Never heard of him until yesterday.

Anyway, some dude I’ve never heard of named Dana Blankenhorn came on my site to tell me that I’m lying (except he spelled it lieing). Apparently, I really do know who this guy is. I guess I’m lying about this Blakenhorn dude too. Oh, he says it is pure “Pilate,


  1. John Konop says:


    He knows you via Linda!

    LINDA Says:
    November 4th, 2006 at 3:44 pm
    Dear Dana,

    What is your problem? This Ted is not our Lord, as he is simply a mortal man that happens to have been leading Christians who relied upon him not to become a fallen man. Where God is, the Devil resides trying desparately to make the church fall away. It will never happen because I, as a Christian, pray for the those that are hurting right now. Those that are very shamed are the family of this minister, and his congregation. Jesus is Lord and King of Kings, and he is going to take care of his flock, and you need not mock him or those that follow in his love and his word.

    Is that all you care about, Dana, which is to gloat over someone else’s fall from grace? You, as a liberal, are the one that needs to seek help for your joyfulness over the sorrow of so many.

    LINDA Says:
    November 4th, 2006 at 3:45 pm
    And I do not wish to sound arrogant that only I am praying as a Christian because I am one of billions of Christians that are praying throughout the world. I am small when compared to Jesus.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree mostly with Linda’s comments. I just wish they were heeded by her own kind when similar circumstances befall people they don’t like.

  3. Chris says:

    That Haggard minister guy is one of the reasons God hates America, according to the Phelps contingent of conservatives.

  4. defnotrep says:


    That was a very funny intro, made me laugh…Roman or the exercise.

    I’ve never heard of Dana B.

    I don’t think anyone should take any joy in this situation. I feel very sorry for his family especially his wife and his congregation. I even feel sad for him.

  5. RandyMiller says:

    Yes, Defnotrep, I feel sad for him and his family, And I also witnessed something today.

    I’m not religous, but hope and pray humbly I’m spiritual. After I watched the CNN report on Ted Haggard and his fall from his church’s grace, I logged onto the National Cathedral and watched the elevation of the Bishop of Nevada to Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal church USA. Sort of our own Archbishop of Canterbury. She is the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first female Presiding Bishop in the USA.

    I drew a contrast because while the one fallen has many times preached along the lines of the “little room for error,” theology; the one elevated spoke of grace, absolution, and acceptance. The cathedral in DC was filled with many local notables; conservative and liberal, rep and dem, all coming together to receive the sacrament side by side.

    In the above contrast I think there’s an important lesson to be learned. When we or someone we know gets too holier than thou, a slight nudge might be the order of the day. That we are still mere humans after all, and are all subject to the faults and failures of our egos.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Wow…this Blankenhorn guy is a whack job, for sure…Just Google his name. It seems that he’s hoping to become an award winning investigative journalist, judging by his expose’ on Speaker Glenn Richardson (click the Richardson name link)…his analysis includes 2 “excellent” (ha) conspiracy theories:
    1) That Glenn Richardson is scamming his constiuents, who can’t look up his campaign contributions b/c “Glenn” pulls a massive trick on everyone and actually goes by his legal name “James” Glenn Richardson — OH MY GOSH! I’m filing an ethics report right now!


    2) Gasp! …Believe it or not…”Glenn” is NOT ONLY getting donations from husbands, he’s getting donations from their wives as well!!!!! This is unheard of!!!!!

    Mr. Blankenhorn is also a “super important badass in internet journalism”…need proof…he’s got an entry on the the only internet source of information that is 100% Facts, and Nothing But the Facts….WIKIPEDIA, of course!

    Erick, how could you not know this man – I mean, he has a Wikipedia bio – geez!

  7. Fogle says:


    Yeah… Blankenhorn loves to come on our site and leave comments; usually calling us out for random things. He posts all sorts of liberal Barrow junk on his site – but he’s usually kind enough to link to us.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    I’d join in and ridicule the guy if I had any credibility.

    As to the minister, or ex-minister, just remember he was not caught dancing, playing pool, or listening to evil Rock and Roll.

    At least the church was spared that embarassment.

  9. ikarma says:

    If you truly don’t know this “fornicator” then you cannot call yourself a political junkie or informed with respect to Republican politics. Tom Brokaw did a big piece on Pastor Ted for the NBC evening news a while back and he informed Tom during the interview that he had a weekly conference call with the Bush White House. He also told him that he received 24 hour call back from the White House. These anti-gay, bible thumping Republicans are a kinky bunch. Look out if you have children. Maybe home-church?

  10. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I didn’t have a clue who he was either. Guess if Brokaw says he’s a big shot, though, then he is. After all, Brokaw knows more about me than I do.

    As do you, apparently, ikarma.

  11. Fogle says:

    “Tom Brokaw did a big piece on Pastor Ted for the NBC evening news a while back and he informed Tom during the interview that he had a weekly conference call with the Bush White House.”

    Hmm… can’t argue with that.

    And to think that for all these years I have been running around foolishly believing that I was a “political junkie.” Damn you Tom Brokaw… you have ruined me.

  12. Fogle says:

    Oh, and Erick… please stop “lieing.” Haha…

    Did you actually look at Blankenhorn’s blog? For the last few weeks leading up to the mid-terms, he’s been blogging about the Nixon Administration. This guy’s really on top of his game.

  13. rightofcenter says:

    Let me join in as someone who had never heard of this guy. Nor do I want to known him; particularly now. (Wink, wink.)

    It is breathtaking to see the national media falling all over themselves and elevating this to prominent national story – while at the same time, constantly linking him to the Bush White House. Too bad for Teddy boy that he wasn’t exposed during the Clinton years (no pun intended) – perhaps he would receive one of those presidential pardons that were so freely handed out.

  14. buzzbrockway says:

    defnotrep, I’m with you. It’s sad for Haggard’s family, and I hope Haggars get’s the help he needs.

    As for Blankenhorn, I’ve seen his sight and I actually visit it regularly to see what he’s got going on. He links to PP frequently.

  15. heroV says:

    I only know who Haggard is because he was interviewed by biologist Richard Dawkins in a documentary on evolution. Dawkins interviewed Haggard to learn about the “other side” of the “debate.” I wasn’t aware that he was plugged into the White House via weekly calls. If you search for “haggard evolution” on youtube I’m sure you’ll be able to find a clip.

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