1. mercergirl says:

    Typical- heads need to start rolling for our performance this year. It wasn’t even this bad with Donnan

  2. BulldawgGirl says:

    I am sad that we lost today, but I still bleed red and black. And we have gymnastics season to look forward to. The gymdogs were last years national champions!!

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Brian, you may be right, as unhappy as that would be. Georgia certainly won’t be favored in either of their final two games, which are at #6 Auburn and at home against the #20 Yellow Jackets.

  4. Steve Barton says:

    Tech guy + grew-up-out-of-state = most rabid flavor of Georgia hater (I know it’s not becoming, but it just is). Just wanted you to know that there is some happiness this Saturday around Peach Pundit, and it’ll hang around, win or lose at NC State, all through the coming week.

  5. heroV says:

    so does this mean the AJC was right? nah, let’s just blame the AJC: the dawgs would not have lost if it weren’t for those commies at the AJC.

  6. MountainDawg says:

    It’s been a down year. We were spoiled with Top 10 after Top 10 seasons, and we were told this would be a rebuilding year. At least I know what it feels like to be a Tech fan most of the time.

  7. Chris says:

    Open thread:
    Anybody want to talk about the Fair Tax? There’s a good balanced article in the Telegraph explaining the details of the proposal. It’s the last item on the page.

  8. Actually, the worse thing about it is that my friend, a Tennessee native, keeps calling me up and rubbing it in that UGA is having a pretty bad season.

    Last night, I had to listen to her sing “Rocky Top” to me over the telephone.

    I guess it’s her revenge for me heckling her about Tennessee’s loss to Georgia & Vanderbilt last year.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Steve, if you were talking about me…I am a Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech and a Hell of an Engineer…

    Actually, I went to Kennesaw State, but I do support GT over UGA. I thought my remark was semi-gracious, nothing like what I was saying at a football game on Friday night to UGA grads who were friends.

    As to the point about not growing up in Georgia, I have lived in Georgia since 1996, I was an eighth grader…I consider that ggrowing up here, this were I spent most of my life. I am a Georgian.

    If you were not talking to me, nm then.

  10. Chris says:

    There’s a free screening in Milledgeville at GCSU this Monday at 7:30pm for the Robert Greenwald documentary “Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers”

    Here’s the link for details, RSVPs.

    Anybody else want to host a screening around the Macon area?

  11. Fogle says:


    You’re a snooty faux-artsy liberal beatnik, aren’t you?

    I bet you even wear fake box-frame glasses with your Che Guevara shirt and raggedy jeans.


  12. Chris says:

    What makes you say that? Do commies vote libertarian?

    Have you seen the documentary yet? It’s pretty interesting. You can also see it on google video if you’d rather no one spot you in attendance at a public screening.

  13. uga_alum_93 says:

    I hate to say it but Coach Richt has proven to be a mediocre offensive coordinator. Now that the defense isn’t there proppin’ him up you can just how mediocre he is overall. Coach Van Gorder you may not be very popular in Statesboro right now but you are always welcome in Athens to help bring back the defense/our program.

  14. Three Jack says:

    Willie Martinez’ bend but don’t break philosophy works much better for the Gym Dawgs — anybody got VanGorder’s contact info in Statesboro?

  15. mercergirl says:

    Please someone bring VanGorder back! Hate to say it but a) brian you were right and b) Richt is too nice right now- someone needs to light a fire under our boys butts!

  16. DougieFresh says:

    Nothing makes my yellow jacket weekend like another UGA loss to an unranked foe.

    I was forced from my house Friday night down in Macon due to a fire nextdoor, but I still had a great weekend seeing the UKY win.

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