Enough flaggers to bring down this incumbent?

Sonny Perdue’s latest campaign stop, in Kennesaw, featured the requisite dozen flaggers and a “liar, liar” chant.

“In a moment, I’ll let you speak to them and we’ll have a four more years chant,” Perdue told a few dozen cheering supporters, according to AccessNorthGA’s report.

“I think Perdue could be in for a surprise,” said Tim Pilgrim, the secretary of the Southern Heritage group who wore a Confederate uniform to protest Perdue’s appearance. “We don’t have a lot of money, but we have a lot of dedicated people that feel strongly about our heritage.”

Appearing with Perdue were Senator Jonny Isakson, Rep. Phil Gingrey, and Supreme Court candidate Mike Wiggins.


  1. atlantaman says:

    When you see a black guy and a hispanic guy dressed in Confederate uniforms shouting with the flaggers, you wonder how many of them were actually flaggers and how many of them Taylor had sent over from the local union hall.

  2. Chris says:

    Why don’t you go to their website and accuse them of being liberal plants in conservative sheepskin. Or does the GOP stand ready to publicly admit blacks and hispanics wouldn’t touch conservatives with a ten foot pole?

  3. atlantaman says:

    “Why don’t you go to their website and accuse them of being liberal plants in conservative sheepskin. Or does the GOP stand ready to publicly admit blacks and hispanics wouldn’t touch conservatives with a ten foot pole?”

    I think you’re way over analyzing my comment. I don’t know whether the flaggers are conservative or liberal, I simply think it’s hilarious to see a blacks and hispanics waving the Confederate battle flag to protest Sonny.

  4. Chris says:

    Because I originally included a link to the GHC website in my post, which was summarily rejected when I hit “submit.” Experience tells me the system flagged it as spam.

  5. Chris says:

    No atlantaman, you stuck both feet firmly in your mouth by indicating that when you see blacks and hispanics, you automatically think they’re representatives of liberals. You said what you really feel, and it’s a good thing you’re not running for office this cycle because it’s a blunder there ain’t no way you can spin your way out of.

  6. Fogle says:

    Well said Jeff.

    Chris, you’re trying too hard to add spin that just doesn’t work.

    Obviously atlantaman’s comment meant to say that it’s entirely too paradoxical to see blacks and Hispanics wearing confederate uniforms and waving the battle flag – something that, to most minorities, especially black Americans, signifies hatred and bigotry. Whether you agree or disagree, it raises some serious suspicions and that’s what he was noting.

    If anything, this signifies the racial and ethnic diversity of the GOP; to cast out reactionary elements, like some flaggers, because they do not embody the diverse, inclusive and unifying spirit of the Republican party.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “when you see blacks and hispanics, you automatically think they’re representatives of liberals.”

    Could you point out where I said that? I really don’t know where the flaggers stand on any philosophical issues other then the flag.

    I don’t think most union people are particularly liberal. I know the most of the unions are supporting Taylor and they’ve been a good source of manpower when he’s needed them. Do you think union members are liberal…I’m trying to figure out where you drew the liberal/conservative connection.

    While legitimate points can be made regarding Georgia’s history, I can’t believe there are any black people who would like to volunteer their time on a Saturday to yell at Sonny Perdue about the Georgia flag.

    If you fail to see the irony in blacks and hispanics fighting to have the Confederate battle flag placed back on the Georgia flag then you don’t have a sense of humor.

  8. Chris says:

    Holy crap! Fogle’s making it even worse by saying the exact opposite of what atlantaman was trying to say. You have before you some blacks and hispanics right alongside the whites, all waving the flag in unison in Sonny’s face, which is a pretty illustrative representation of inclusive diversity that you’re saying the GOP cast out of its party.

    First of all Fogle, casting people out of the party is not an inclusive, unifying behavior.

    Secondly, to atlantaman, do you think blacks and hispanics would voluntarily participate in something that you categorize for them as highly offensive? Why do you apparently believe that they’d be willing to do it for Taylor, but not for the flaggers’ cause?

    And as far as blacks and hispanics supporting the confederate flag, I’m thrilled to see that it’s losing its offensive connotations.

  9. gatormathis says:

    Having a problem with the changing of the Georgia Flag is a right of our citizens. As usual, everyone has his druthers on which one they like.

    As many of the different ones I see flying, people also have the right to exhibit the one they choose.

    Barnes/Taylor used the power of the legislature to replace the Battle Emblem flag.

    Sonny used the power of the legislature to get what versions he could on a ballot, then let the people at least pick one.

    At the very most, a flag is worthless if it has nothing to represent. So consider also the “flag bearer”.

    We currently have Sonny who has tried to take a business approach to Georgia’s government. He has made himself available to citizens and visited almost all of the areas of the state as much as possible.

    Sonny has a can do attitude, and has vowed not to make this campaign a tiring and nasty one to the voters. The economic slowdown after 9/11 is finally waning and through frugal spending, Georgia is right on track to meet its needs.

    On the other hand, you have Mark Taylor, super rich elitist playboy from “Albany”, never pulled a hard days work in his life.

    He claims to be a “champion” of women and children, yet sends women prisoners to dig in garbage to further his own profits.

    He claims to champion the public school systems he has never been a part of.

    He claims Sonny has made an immense amount of money off the state, while his family’s fortune is estimated above $750 million. Sonny has never held contracts with the State on anything, yet the Taylors have been benefiting on this excess for 30 to 40 years.

    He would lead you to believe he fathered the HOPE Scholarship, Zell just happened to be Governor at the time. Zell, on the other hand has worked with Taylor over the years, up close and personal. Zell is endorsing Sonny because he knows who will be the better Governor for Georgia. Zell knows who the better man is by far, and that is who he is backing.

    All in all, he champions all things “claimable”. Don’t be duped by all the rhetoric, vote Sonny and the rest of the Republicans when you vote.

    Consider the Flag, but also consider the flag bearer, which is of grave importance. Sonny has worked on thousands of complex issues in the last 4 years as Gov. Things are getting a lot better all over the state under his guidance. He is a working man who has built his own businesses and raised his family as well as some other children who needed that little extra boost.

    Don’t be duped into voting for the rich elitist Atlanta/Albany playboy who has lived off the political machine all his life, and whose “family values” are attested to more in divorce court than in “Good Housekeeping”.

    Vote for the best “flag bearer”.
    Vote for Sonny Perdue.

  10. defnotrep says:


    Sonny’s dealt with 1000’s of complex issues in the last 4 years….hardly.

    I don’t think the Taylor’s are worth anything close to what you said…$750 mil….I’ve heard around $50 mil which is still a lot, but self-made by Fred Taylor.

    I’ve heard you bring up the prison issue before and I have let it slide. The Taylor family received no benefit from this deal. Cathy Cox knew at the time that Fred Taylor had sold this business 2 years earlier. You can check this out if you care about the facts.

    I will agree with you though that Barnes was wrong to not put the changing of the flag to a vote. People deserved the right to vote on it. I think most would have voted to change it and that would have been an end to it. Hindsight is truly 20-20.

    I can’t get around the facts of Sonny’s business dealings which has enriched him. It will be interesting to see Sonny’s net worth increases when he files….the before Governor and after Governor. Do you really think Sonny would have gotten the land deal in Florida if he wasn’t Governor or the tax break introduced late at night by his personal lawyer???

    Also Sonny’s not only cutting the children from Katie Beckett waivers but his refusal to meet with the many families is so wrong. That doesn’t say family values to me.

    I think one should vote for Sonny if they want to enrich him, his friends, and big business….that is Sonny bearing.

  11. defnotrep says:

    We will see right of center. I think definitely a close race.

    I will say this, I have been in close races and that’s the way this one feels….just my experience.

  12. RuralDem says:

    So now the Taylor campaign purposely sends union works to dress as flaggers at Perdue’s events? Honestly, some of you guys have red-colored glasses glued to your face. Many liberals might be conspiracy theorists but you guys are no better with mess like this.

  13. gatormathis says:

    All races are never as far apart as folks think they are when the votes start coming in. You want to know how your district does, your city, county and so on in an election. Then you try to figure who all voted for who you didn’t want to win.

    And as I’ve made points of on here before, I don’t believe in “calling” no races. That’s callous and cold as far as I’m concerned. Every day brings on a whole new set of circumstances.

    Consider this preacherman they been talking about the last couple days on TV. I bet he was dreaming about what to buy with his Christmas Bonus. His “homeboy” done took care of that.

    People pick a candidate for various reasons. Every reason usually has two sides, therefore you have candidate fodder. Fodder divides the voters one way or another. An election is held, and the best mudder/fodder wins (or the one with the best fodder votes).

    So, flaggers, here is an appeal to your sensibility. It is simple and follows Spock type, simple logic. It’s a no brainer.

    If Sonny wins this race, then flaggers still have a face in politics. You’ve picketed him from every where imaginable, called him a liar, stuck stickers on his signs, and just in general, gave him heck.

    And after all this, he makes sure you are allowed to have your say, out in a proper venue, expressing your God given rights.

    If Sonny wins, this activity can go on for 4 more years. By being visible, you sign up new members, teach new comers Confederate History, and keep interest in the Georgia Flag. If Sonny wins, you still have a platform to “protest” on.

    If Sonny loses, the Big Guy, he might just tell you to “Cry him a river!”, then your position is moot. No more protesting, TV interviews, paper articles, and discussion on the Georgia Flag.

    To paraphrase Sonny, “Do ya really wanna go back?”

    To paraphrase me, Georgia needs your vote to keep Sonny in office.

    So re-elect him, and give him hell for four more years….otherwise, you just gonna have a lot of protesting stuff.

  14. Chris says:

    I don’t think the flaggers are dumb enough to think Taylor has the power to shut them the hell up. God help us if he even tries. Democrats are notorious for trashing southern heritage, so if they’re looking for an opportunity to expand their bases, Taylor’s the perfect candidate for them.

  15. Jeff Emanuel says:

    From the same article:

    Taylor, who backed the new flag, said he welcomes their support.

    “Nobody likes to have promises made and promises broken,” he said. “I have never lied to them.”

  16. Chris says:

    I was just going to ask for a link to his source. But missing links seem pretty common among his type, so why waste my time?

  17. barrycdog says:

    Looking at some of your posts first there are estimated to be some 93,000 blacks who fought for the Confederacy. I have documneted 40 from the Henderson Rosters which does not include cavalry, artillery, and engineers from Georgia. General PMB Young had many follow him along with General Wade Hampton. He urged them to go home but the insisted on staying. When Young became deathly ill a young slave traved thousands of miles from Ga to VA to tend for him until his father ,a doctor, arrived. Confederate Congressman Warren Akin was hidded from Yankee troops by his slave Col. Robert Beavers(Note: He liked to be called Colonel) and when Yankee officers offered him money to tell his whereabouts he refused to tell and protected Akins family holding a shovel barring them from their home. By the way pictures tell 1000 words so visit http://www.scv670.com and check out the Black Confederates section. It is documneted over 6,000 hispanic Confederates served as well. Taylor did lie to the group as well as Sonny. The tax break Sonny gave himself and Taylors background force one to only vote Libertarian. The flag issue has lost a lot of momentum due to time and the constant lies told. Flaggers have collected over 100,000 signatures from Georgians wanting to vote on the flag. Those petitions were handed to then Governor Barnes who promptly trashed them. So the voice of Georgians mean nothing to politicans and bloggers alike. All of you would like to put this issue behind you. Political correctness urges you to bury your head in the sand when it comes to battle flag. Soon if it hasn’t happened already you will be afriad of the American Flag, George Washington and the Founding Fathers. Did you know that Button Gwinnett owned 14 slaves? Maybe renaming Gwinnett County will help some feel better. Flaggers still make the media because they represent part of Georgia that the AJC cant ascertain. Atlantaman realizes that the metropolitan Atlanta poulation is 4,917,717. Obviosly you bloggers speak for most of Atlanta so what is the harm in a vote. I mean think about it. With the obvious advantage of numbers there is no way some flag waver can win. The vote will end all such flaging activity. You get to rub our noses in it so to speak. What about it Chris? You sound like you are tired of all the hype, the strain is almost deafening. You want flaggers to give it all a rest. You should all think too of how the new Franklin Flag is coming on. Georgians have undoubtably grown comfortable with it. A vote between it and the 56 flag should be a slam dunk, a no brainer. The staus quo is always a winner. What do ya say? Why not a vote?

  18. Chris says:

    What about it Chris? You sound like you are tired of all the hype, the strain is almost deafening. You want flaggers to give it all a rest.

    Oh hell no. I love the flag, and wish the flaggers had more public support than they do. Put the confederate battle flag on any flag design in a respectable manner and put it up for a vote, and it’ll get my vote without hesitation.

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