1. Iraqi Info Minister says:

    Yikes. I believe a quote is in order:

    “Don’t believe anything! We will chase the rascals back to London!”

  2. Carpe Forem says:

    That’s exactly what one would expect when one has been accused of using public office for personal gain and doesn’t want to answer for it.
    I never did hear his answer for how his net worth has more than doubled since he took office.

  3. GaChick says:

    If this “rumor” is true, I guess Boss Hawg Sonny Perdue doesn’t want to face the voters any more. That’s a slap in the face of every Georgian. What a chicken. And, more importantly, what’s he hiding?

  4. GAGirl says:

    Of course there is just no way in the world that it could have been because he had something else to do.

  5. gatormathis says:

    Warrior, Fred Taylor is the money man in this whole deal. He has made millions off his connections since they helped put Busbee in. Then again, maybe he is just a “good” business man.

    He might figure if he could make a friend Gov, he might could get his son to President. Being only one more step away from the next step up, he’s guessing pretty close. I sure hope he is wrong.

    Why else do you let your son stay in Atlanta and give him a 100 grand every year? He can’t make that kind of donation to any other candidate.

    It’s funny how easily people are duped. The preppy private school kid making out how he “cares” for minorities and public schools, when he was to “good” to be associated with either.

    He uses minority kids in one commercial, then uses minority hands sticking through prison bars in another commercial. A blind man can see through that condescending pandering.

    The “working” man’s friend, he makes a call to get prison labor (women prisoners) to replace workers at a trash plant. This was to leave revenue in the trash plant coffers to pay the trash hauling company he had an interest in. This being the same trash plant and trash hauling company that purchased/leased a lot of equipment from taylor owned companies.

    I wonder if there would be a way to go back over the years and look up major road building contacts with the state, take the contractors name, and then see if it bought equipment from the taylors and how much. That would be interesting.

    The “working” man’s friend, who breaks a sweat filing his nails. If the first debate in Perry was any indicator of his physical condition, the boy needs to get off his rump and exercise. Sweat was pouring off him like Niagara Falls. That was why Sonny couldn’t keep a straight face. Sonny almost half again taylor’s age, couldn’t believe how out of shape taylor was.

    Taylor reveled in his office as the new Lt. Gov., shutting down almost any comment by duly elected Republicans from their respective districts. “Cry me a river” he bellowed from his podium, looking like Godzilla, and breath just as bad.

    The Republicans tolerated it all, then as power shifted, they shelved taylor into a void all his own, and left him to talk to himself. What poor company for one to be in. Now he talks of how he thinks things oughta be more “partisan”. Go figure.

    I looked over on Memberg’s (I think she wants to be Taylor’s fourth wife) site the other night, and she is decrying some deal about Oaky Woods. She says the state ought to have bought this land for hunting, while she looks more like PETA material. Then again, she might be a blood thirsty deer killer, who knows. If Sonny had purchased this 30 million dollar property, couldn’t you hear the commercials.

    Sonny bought this here hunting land for his redneck hunting buddies for 30 million dollars, to make his land close by be worth more money, when he should have kept that money for special needs folks.

    He didn’t buy it because the State was strapped at the time. He has a surplus because he didn’t buy that or a lot of other stuff that could wait another year. Plus, it would have to went through the legislature, and I’m sure people from other districts would have said, “Dang Sonny, ya’ll got the Perry Fair, we can’t put all the state’s money in your hometown of Perry.”

    Sonny has been a fair and impartial Governor, as much as you want to make out otherwise. He has visited county after county, city after city, not in just this election year, but every year. He has tried to make sure the State’s money was spread around, and made sure the State’s vendors gave the State good deals, without demanding a toll for himself.

    Vote for Sonny when you vote, it’s in your best interest, and the best interest of the State of Georgia.

  6. GaChick says:


    What a crock you are!! I don’t have time to rebut each and every BS accusation you make. Just…

    Vote for Mark when you vote. It’s in the best interest of every Georgian. But a vote for Mark will NOT be in the best interest of Sonny’s bank account.

    Sonny has made as much in the last 4 years as Governor as he made in the previous 55 years of work. Something smells there.

  7. gatormathis says:

    Mark Taylor is the only candidate big enough to be his own blimp.

    GaChick…..I don’t make BS acusations.

  8. landman says:

    Typical propaganda BS from a party that offers the likes of Mel Traylor and John Kerry.
    The Gov will be at the debate and will bring a sweat rag for the Fat Guy.Sonny will win this thing on Tuesday and then Mark can go work out his new weekly allowance from Daddy,considering that his political career will be over ,he may have to move back to Albany,IF they will have him and are willing to take him back which I understand that’s not a given.

    So all I can say for you Dems is enjoy your weekend,because Tuesday you begin your journry to the wilderness of irrelevance.Mean while the Party will be own at the Westin!!!!!!!!

  9. John Konop says:

    I do not think Perdue will no show. This would help Hayes. I think Perdue real challange is how to avoid a run-off.

    Does anyone have a poll showing Taylor support growing?

    All I see is Hayes support growing.

  10. RandyMiller says:

    First, why wasn’t the gov at the forum? He’s been out around all the state with other GOP candidiates and officials. This is usually what a serious candidate does as election day dawns near.
    Second, the debate is as planned with all 3 candidates. The “rumor” is obviously just that, a “rumor,” to put it nicely.
    Third, the last poll I’ve seen is posted over at blog for democracy.

  11. GAGirl says:

    defnotrep, the results on the national level will not be the fault of Georgia Republicans. You mention President Bush concerning coke. However, it’s Mark Taylor, the cokehead, who Governor Perdue is running against. You won’t address that though, will you?

    GaChick, of COURSE you won’t find time to attempt to refute the truth about Mark Taylor because YOU CAN’T!

    I’m from Albany and I saw firsthand how the Taylor’s pushed people around because they had a little bit of cash and not many people do down there. Mark Taylor is a rich white boy living off of his dad’s money. He spent ALL of his educational years in PRIVATE SCHOOLS. He lives in a mansion, for FREE. He gets a nice salary for doing NOTHING. He is on his THIRD wife and admitted in court papers that he snorted COCAINE and drove DRUNK with his son in the car. I guess Mark Taylor taught his son well!

    Anyone still voting for Mark Taylor? If so I’m here to call you an idiot. This man doesn’t deserve to grace that office. Nor did he deserve to reach to the point he is presently at. Georgians were stupid when we voted for Mark Taylor. Lets not make that same mistake again.

  12. GAGirl says:

    And BTW, the Governor was and still is on the bus tour. But of course none of you took the time to find that out or cared to do so.

  13. Carpe Forem says:

    Sounds like GAGirl is ga-ga for Perdue. All I have to say is if people are “idiots” if they vote for Taylor they are definitely gullible to vote for Perdue. Both of these guys have at least questionable practices when it comes to using their public office positions for personal gain (family gain). It is definitely time for voters to vote for those who are be best for Georgia, regardless of party affiliation.

  14. defnotrep says:


    You are totally WRONG as usual. I’m sure Mark Taylor probably did use cocaine as did PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH. If YOU and SONNY want to make that an issue just don’t have a double standard….INCLUDE the PRESIDENT.

    Thought you Repubs liked rich, white boys….it’s practically all you ever run.

    HMMM….GAGIRL….Seems like BUSH and TAYLOR have some things in common….rich, white boys. ….but I’m sure that escapes your intellect.

  15. GAGirl says:

    See, there you go again. Why are you still talking about Bush? President Bush isn’t running for Governor of Georgia. Shall I bring up Bill Clinton’s antics, no because it doesn’t make sense.

    So you’re telling me I should vote for Taylor because most Republican elected officials are rich and white? Well guess what, SO ARE MOST DEMOCRATS! Talk about my double standard, look in the mirror sir.

    BTW, wrong as usual? I just started posting here two days ago.

  16. GAGirl says:

    That’s what I did carpe forem, I’m voting for who is best for Georgia regardless of party. My vote went to Sonny.

  17. defnotrep says:


    Because you want to have a double standard. Guess you can’t follow logic. If indeed you think having used cocaine in one’s past, should disqualify someone from running for office….you should start with the head of your party…. namely the President.

    Your cheap shots at Taylor are based on emotions. I won’t even dignify your remark about his son, b/c it totally destroys YOUR credibility.

    And yes Georgia Republicans are part of the reason the Repubs will lose nationally on Tuesday. The GA congressional delegation like all the other repubs in this country, rubber stamped Bush’s agenda completely, with no vetting and no hard questions.

  18. Carpe Forem says:

    George Bush(R)
    Mark Taylor(D)
    Sonny Perdue(R)
    Garrett Hayes(L)

    I’m probaly going to date myself with this, but let’s sing along together anyway:

    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    Bonus Version:

    Three of these kids belong together
    Three of these kids are kind of the same
    But one of these kids is doing his (her) own thing
    Now it’s time to play our game
    It’s time to play our game.

  19. GAGirl says:

    I guess you don’t have common sense if I can’t “follow logic”. My point is again, regardless of what Bush has done, we are talking about the race for Governor. There is full proof Taylor did it. Have I once defended Bush, no. How can you say I have a double standard if I have not. Getting back to the greater issue, we are talking about the Gov’s race. The best candidate in that race. It’s a matter of character and I question Mark Taylor’s up and down, left and right. I don’t want someone like that leading my state.

  20. GAGirl says:

    And no it doesn’t destroy my credibility when he consistently got his son out of trouble all those years. If he hadn’t, maybe his son would have learned his lesson before that incident.

  21. Carpe Forem says:

    First let me say I voted for Hayes… So I agree with your assessment of Taylor. However, your double standard is so obvious:
    “It’s a matter of character”

    Perdue could have helped reserve land that was offered to the state for public use, instead he allegedly bought land next to it, then allowed private developers to have and develop the land being offered to the state to increase the value of his property (sort of like insider trading, but with land).

    Get the (R) out of your ears. If he had a (D) beside his name you would probably sound more reasonable.

    Nobody has questioned Hayes’ integrity or character.

  22. GAGirl says:

    Consider it a lesser of two evils. I don’t know enough about Hayes so I can’t say anything about him. I do know he is pretty good for comic relief in this race.

  23. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Hey Brian,
    This comment crosses the line. I’ve deleted it. Don’t even come near the line again.


  24. defnotrep says:

    Brian from Ellijay,

    Are you here for comic relief. lol


    The cocaine use by Taylor was a long time ago.

    Sonny’s tax cut and land deals are recent history. The Oaky Woods land deal in particular is unforgiveable.

    NOONE especially Sonny has a corner on the market for integrity.

    Hayes might have some problems in his past too except noone’s looking b/c he can’t win this time. The point in saying that is most people have something in their past…Sonny’s problems though are all RECENT history.

  25. defnotrep says:

    PS Concerning Oaky Woods….instead of having a hunting, hiking, and fishing….We will now have 35,000 new homes and all that goes with it.

  26. defnotrep says:

    Everything wrong with the Oaky Woods deal but your partisanship blinds you.

    I don’t know about airplane but I’m sure if something was there someone would be saying something.

  27. Brian from Ellijay says:

    If the two properties did not connect, I could see a problem. But as is it, Sonny bought a peice of property that connected to his current properties. A piece of property that he plans on putting a foster home on. The Governor did nothing wrong here. All he did was make a good investment by increasing the size of his current holdings in Houston County.

  28. Brian from Ellijay says:

    How was that comment any differnt from what other people have said about Sonnys daugther and his State Trooper?

    Or about any other comment on here about coccaine use…

    Or about you talking about that Preacher who got Gay massages adn drug use?

    I do since double standards here Erick.

  29. kolt473 says:

    Watching debate………Taylor comes across as a bully………..wouldn’t vote for this clown anyway…HEY BIG GUY, GO BACK TO PRIVATE BUSINESS………YOUR NOT SMART TO BE GOVERNOR…….LOL, SURE YOU’LL KEEP YOUR PROMISES……DEMOCRATS LIKE SOME REPUBLICANS HAVE RENEGED AS WELL…….BUT YOUR CHEAP SHOTS OVER LAND DEALS……plus no mention of your ”alleged” private business interests….sounding like cynthia mckinney badgering her challenger mr. Johnson…..thank goodness she’s history next year………..likewise mark taylor history……..

  30. gatormathis says:

    Oh, that rumor about not showing. Yes, they spin out a rumor about Sonny not showing, then go to throwing the chicken bones in some voodoo spell trying to make his plane late or something. All this so they can say he wasn’t going to show.

    And yet again, here comes ole energizer bunny perdue…still going strong right up to the end.
    Robo-talk taylor, he is still hung up on his same lines

    My favorite off the cuff remark….Yea, bring you, ten of your kin, and send the big guy back again….to Albany……

  31. RuralDem says:

    Yeah that rumor was wrong. Anyone think it’s sad how Sonny has to laugh into the microphone at everything?

    Him using the “send him back to albany” remark was sad, he cannot even come up with his own witty lines. Oh well. Taylor’s mentioning of his waistline in his closing remarks was by far the funniest line in the campaign. Taylor won this debate bigtime.

  32. GAGirl says:

    Taylor stole Perdue’s jokes in the first debate. Taylor won? What, the award for biggest (literally) jackass? He was rude and abrasive. Then again, you would like that quality.

  33. Three Jack says:

    Hayes wins by being the only conservative candidate; and by far the only adult in the race. Closing statement was dead on, too bad Georgia voters will ignore Hayes while picking between the two middle Georgia government profiteers who rely upon their elected office for personal gain.

  34. RuralDem says:


    I’m not quite sure what your imaginary problem is with me but I am neither rude nor abrasive on this board if that’s what you were trying to insinuate.

    Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I think Taylor did much better than Perdue. All Perdue can do is giggle the entire time. You’d think the Governor of our state would be somewhat respectful. Guess that temper overrides everything else sometime.

    Overall, I do think Hayes won out of the three candidates. I would rank it

    1. Hayes
    2. Taylor
    3. Perdue

    Sonny’s just not great in a debate.

  35. GAGirl says:

    Respectful?! Are you kidding with me? Taylor talked out of turn time and time again. I recall several times when the moderator had to tell him to stop and what did he do, ignored the rules. His supporters didn’t follow the rules when they clapped and had to be told to stop. Temper? YOUR candidate had the temper. Sonny was laughing it off, hardly a temper. Why does Taylor bring up Perdue during EVERY response? I mean, I’m starting to think he has a thing for him. :-/ I don’t know why I waste my time on you, you see through Dem goggles. BTW, what I said was in reference to you liking rude and abrasive candidates. Not you personally being that way.

  36. gatormathis says:

    Taylor was spoiled as a child. His dah-dee should have whopped him for talking out of turn like that.

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