Poor Travis Fain

I would have given my left arm and kidney to avoid sitting through a City of Macon meeting on consolidation.

The idea of discussing the merger of Macon and Bibb County governments found wide support Thursday on the Macon City Council, but there are still plenty of details, debates and hurdles before voters would get their crack at the issue.

But a resolution to start the process has 10 City Council sponsors, more than enough for the issue to pass the full council during an expected Tuesday vote. Council members are expected to ask the Middle Georgia Regional Development Center to start drawing new voting lines – a process expected to spark debate as the prospect of consolidation comes to the forefront of local politics.

“We’re going to be left behind without consolidation,

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  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is precisely why we need more competent, pro-active people to move from their lazy boy recliners and involve themselves in the process.

    Conceptually, I believe consolidation is the right move. It just makes sense. Reality is, that if people remain apathetic, they’ll get what they deserve.

    The problem is that too many people don’t give a rip about their government until their taxes are increased or their rights somehow infringed.

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