For the Republicans on the List

The GOP has launched an internet based program where you can call individuals and encourage them to vote. If you go here, you can sign up and you’ll be provided with the names and phone numbers of individuals to call and encourage to vote. You’ll be given a sample script etc.

There are controls in the process that help weed out people with malicious intent. The GOP is behind the ball here, as the Democrats and have been doing the same thing for a while.

Likewise, if any of you have a link to the DNC or MoveOn equivalent, I’m happy to put that up there to expand the number of Democrat participants in that program.


  1. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Hey Erick…interested to see if you (or other Rs on this blog) thinks Dems have a shot at winning any seats they don’t already have in the legislature and if so, which ones.

  2. Erick says:

    Johnny Grant is in a tough bind. Allen Freeman is too, but I think he’s safe. Nancy Schafer is in a tough spot too, but I think I’d put Johnny Grant as most endangered.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I like Johnny Grant, he’s a good principled man, but I agree with Erick, he’s in trouble. I think Schaefer is out also. Don’t forget about Bulloch – I think he’ll win, but I’ve heard that it’s a tight race…but those are just rumors. Anyone hear anything about Hudgens’ seat, I’m curious about that one? Finally, anyone see any numbers or have any feelings about the Kidd/Cowsert race? I think Kidd will win, but I don’t have any evidence to support or refute that feeling. Great site btw, long time reader, first time poster.

  4. kevin35 says:

    I agree the GOP GOTV is way ahead of the Dems, they want you to self market instead of banding together. I tried to explain some the GOTV a couple months ago and it was like talking to a wall. I miss that machine.

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