The Race for Lt. Governor

When I first met Casey Cagle, he was 37 points back and a million dollars short in his race for Lt. Governor.  However, he had a conviction about serving Georgia that stood out to me.  It was that service above self that has made him such a refreshing candidate and I enthusiastically did everything I could to help him in his campaign. 

The voters of Georgia agreed, having made Casey Cagle the Republican nominee and now the leading candidate for Lt. Governor. 

Casey’s opponent is a nice enough man, liberal as all get out, but a decent man.  You don’t believe he’s liberal?  Check out and see for yourself. 

If you want someone who is authentic, honest, earnest, sincere, and committed to Georgia’s future, than whether you’re Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we elect people like Casey Cagle to serve in higher office. 


  1. MountainDawg says:

    If you have met Casey or been around him, there is a difference. Sure, he’s been in the state senate for 12 years. When you see him with his wife or children you honestly know there is something special about Casey. Maybe I’m naive, but someone that is the “real deal” may actually be serving to try to make a difference. It’s hard to find, but some people actually want to serve Georgia. I believe Casey is one of those people.

  2. ikarma says:

    You people must think you are writing in an 8th grade Slam Book. It’s not Lincoln for heaven’s sake. Push away from the Kool Aid and go read the paper.

  3. Rick Day says:

    I wonder if Peach Pundit would consider giving EQUAL time to the other candidates in response to this ummm, fluff? No wait: Political Commercial.

    BM: Many people who have personally met GWB say the same thing about him as well. They say he is a fine man!

    100% of dead moths say the flame was just too pretty to resist.

    Would you let your daughter date GWB? hmmm?

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    GWB? He entered this….how? I think there’d be a lot more reservation about letting your daughter date — or even get near — WJC, personally. But hey, what do I know? I’ve only looked at their track records.

  5. mercergirl says:

    Casey really is sincere- I volunteered for an event of his down in Warner Robins. Once a lot of people were gone he made the time to come up and speak to me, and afterwards I received a letter in the mail thanking me for my help. Granted, it was typed up and he may not have written it himself but I swear to you he did sign it himself- you can look at it and see the pen movement.

    He’s just a nice sincere person, and you can actually believe what he says, I’m so proud to have met him and had the chance to help his campaign.

  6. fulldawg says:

    I was just wondering if Casey shares your compassion for multihandicapped kids and the money they need for their healthcare.

  7. Loren says:

    Just one page? That’s a disappointment. I expected an attack site on par with

    I’m still voting for Allen Buckley. I even got the chance to speak with him at CAN’s Candidate Fair on Monday. Although I think he made a poor choice in the AJC Voter’s Guide when he said the current TV character he most identifies with is Montgomery Burns.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    Bull Moose,

    I wish you luck with your support for Cagle.

    I find him to be lacking in ability for the positions he has held. My research shows he has padded his resume. He has made false statements to the SEC, FDIC, FRB. None of which will get him any jail time. But, he didn’t have a problem misrepresenting himself to others to close a business deal.

    Mostly, I hear the shepherd boy crying Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

    Alarmingly WOLF!

    I’m a Liberal and proud of it. Alarmingly proud of it.

  9. I will leave it up to any of you to decide who to vote for, but people that site websites like “alarmingly liberal” for proof of anything bother me. I went to the site and as usual it is nothing but conclusion after conclusion. It does not attempt to prove anything except to people that simply believe whatever they read, I guess. I wish we could all get away from the manipulation and engage in a discussion that could actually prove a real difference between candidates.

    Casey is more liberal than some people think. He is in favor of abortion in certain instances. He is in favor of laws to deal with gays, not a sanction of gay marriage, but something akin to civil rights.

    They are both decent guys but there is one thing that distinguishes them beyond all else in this election. Neither Bush nor Perdue will tell Martin when to jump.

    I am a reformed Republican totally conservative when it comes to some things and a flaming liberal when it comes to freedom and individual rights. I am an attorney and when I found out the Republicans didn’t like lawyers I knew they were up to no good and the last 6 years have proven that, to me at least.

    One on one, Republicans like Casey may be nice guys, but put them all together and they are a pack of wolves. They are for everything that doesn’t cost money. Their philosophy of government is not less government (that is a Libertarian), it is government for what they want and what they believe primarily for monetary gain. They do not govern with wisdom for all the people, because to them government is business, not people. BUSHIT.

  10. RuralDem says:

    So, can you provide a site other than one paid by the Cagle campaign that sites Martin’s hardcore liberal views?

    Saying “I support this candidate because his opponent is liberal (or conservative to be fair). Want proof? Well just check out the attack website they made!!!!!”

  11. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Casey will win BIG! No doubt. Liberals better fear conservative Casey Cagle. He is our top star and the key to 2010.

  12. Mad Dog says:

    Brian from Ellijay,

    If Cagle wins, you lose. You’ve already lost something having him in the Senate for 12 years.

    I’ll give you some directions on finding the proofs.

    First: Pull his personal financial disclosures for 1996, 1997, and 1998. Look for the company, Strateia Group of Atlanta, Inc.

    Second: Pull the 1999 prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Southern Heritage Bank.

    Third: Pull up the Georgia Secretary of State website for corporations and find the corporate filings for Strateia Group of Atlanta.

    The company, Strateia Group of Atlanta, Inc. never filed an annual renewal for 1997 or after. It was legally able to conduct business in Georgia for 3 months. Cagle lists that company on his “corporate resume’ with the SEC until 2001.” He stops listing it on his State Senate District 49 Personal Financial Disclosures way before that.

    A suit with a padded resume is your “top star and the key to 2010.”

    I’m not bluffing. I don’t make up websites with crap allegations. Check the public sources. See what Cagle really thinks about “laws and values.”

    Enjoy watching the returns, no matter who wins.

  13. gatormathis says:

    Lighten up, these are democrats. There spellcheck doesn’t cover these mistakes, and when they reed over them, they don’t have a clue. Besides, after they have red on hear what other people think, they want people too think they can thank also.

    That wannabe situation, it will get em every time.

  14. gatormathis says:

    You get an A+ in the above exercise. As I was reading all those grammar citing post, I thought about an e-mail I received a few times over the years of “Why it is so hard to learn the English language”

    We have so many words alike phonetically, and alike or different in spelling, that mean many different things, depending on how they are used.

    These here ole blogs, they are pretty fun. The technological world we live in today, gives us the ability to sit here and put up so many “refrigerator notes” on things and positions we deem revelant.

    But most of all, this is what I like about the electronic age of computers.

    Consider this:

    Each and every one of you. Since your first contact with computers, think about everything you have read, written, e-mailed/received, looked at, “saved/deleted”, in other words anything you saw on the screen of your computer.

    Now consider if you had all that printed out on paper, and stacked up around you, if it would even fit in the room. Consider if you had to go out, locate and “buy” it as in the daily paper, how much money and gas it would have taken to round it all up.

    But most of all, think about how many trees it would have taken to make the paper to put it all on. Collectively, that would be a lot of trees, and a lot of landfill space to dispose of it all. Any estimates on that……lol?

    I love trees. I like protecting them. That’s also why I think it will be immensely better to have Sonny as Governor.

    Can you imagine how much more toilet paper marky mark has to use as opposed to Sonny………..the state don’t need to pay for all that excess.

  15. gatormathis says:

    Conservation man, saving trees buy lessening the drain on paper. Just wondering how much “paper” the internet saves by not having to print out everything you read.

    And thinking there are other ways to save the state money on paper………

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