Stupidest Autocall EVER!!!!

This is the stupidest autocall EVER!!! Geez. No ****, we have Supreme Court Justices on the ballot this year. What a bunch of morons.

Hey, if you are responsible for this ad and you are reading Peach Pundit, know that you are an idiot. Know that you are incompetent. Know that there are multiple Supreme Court Justices on the ballot this year. Know that you just wasted your money and probably someone else’s money.

GAWire, take it away [Insert GAWire’s sermon on hiring political consultants here]


  1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Kevin, you are going to lose your race because you are running in a district that voted 65%+ for Bush and every other Republican last election.

  2. kevin35 says:

    Atleast I am not running against Bush maybe I will get 40 % of the vote, plus atleast I stepped up and ran even though I am bout 70% republican.

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