Notes on the Day

I went to a meet and greet for Karen Handel tonight at Senator Cecil Staton’s home. Lots of people there. There’s a real feeling of momentum in the air. I’ve been able to keep up with most all of the Democrat candidates, but Gail Buckner has flown under the radar and I haven’t heard much from her.

Karen is very charming and I was pleased to vote for her today.

Christy and I voted today in Macon. There was a large crowd, but it was noticeable for the lack of black voters in line. That really stood out to me. There were a lot of old people and a healthy mix of young people. But it was almost entirely white.

I’ve voted early for the last three years and this was the most homogenous crowd I’ve ever seen. I have no clue what that means. I’m just passing it on.

Speaking of voting, I hate to break it to my party, but though I have a rabid partisan streak in me, I did not vote straight Republican in the statewide races. I did, however, after much wavering back and forth, vote for Mac Collins. I just can bear the idea of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

Addendum: We have a family reunion in Unidilla on Saturday (the wife’s side of the family). She’s making carrot cake and caramel cake, though the latter is for a funeral. Yum. To quote Alton Brown, β€œThat’s good eats.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Woe be to the establishment: there appears to be a trend going on here. I did not vote straight (R), either.

    And nobody here believes me when I say that I’m conservative first, Republican second. Very second.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    Yes, Karen exudes alot of charm, and her husband Steve is good to talk to also. She impresses me as someone who has alot on the ball, and as someone to watch in future elections!

  3. RuralDem says:

    Speaking of Thurbert Baker. Anyone else think the “tough as nails” slogan is really good? Baker has and will continue to do a fine job as AG.

    Anyway, Erick, you considered voting for Marshall? Good to hear that some of the partisans on here at least consider the other side πŸ™‚

  4. jsm says:

    Way to go, Erick. Mac needed your vote.

    Nathan Deal, Casey Cagle, Speaker Richardson, and a bunch of local GOP candidates spoke at a BBQ & Rally in Gainesville tonight. It was fun, and the mood was celebratory. Nathan spoke strongly on personal responsibility and how it affects every issue currently before our Nation. He also mentioned that party labels are very important. I agree.

    We’re also looking forward to seeing the Governor tomorrow in Gainesville at a tailgate party before high school football. Victory is in the air!

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I’ll admit, I voted straight ticket. I saw the first Jim Martin ad last night. It amazes me that the statewide Democrat Party ticket gives the rest of Georgia 1 week to campaign. Should be good for us.

  6. John Galt says:

    There is a compelling reason you saw a dearth of black voters when you voted early. For obvious reasons, Black voters, particularly in the South, have a special place in their hearts for Election Day. That is when black voters vote.

  7. RuralDem says:

    “It amazes me that the statewide Democrat Party ticket gives the rest of Georgia 1 week to campaign. ”

    Huh? I’ve seen more than one of Martin’s ads on WMAZ. They’ve been running at least since mid-September. I’ve seen more of Martin’s ads than Cagle’s.

    I think your partisanship is now pushing past reality, which is not a good thing πŸ™‚

  8. Maurice Atkinson says:

    touche’,,, I don’t get much tv time in. I’m usually working.

    I am far more concerned with competency than partisanship. From my posts it hardly looks that way but consider this. The political process is the way we achieve our government, which impacts everyone. Partisanship is definitely the process.

    Once elected, or appointed, the occupant has the responsibility to govern or complete his/her appointment effectively and fairly. We call that good government. My point is that our ticket has for really nearly 2 years been establishing their case.

    I can’t count the number of times Casey Cagle, Karen Handel and Perry McGuire have been to Middle Georgia meeting with individuals are large meetings and small groups. I didn’t include the governor in the list simply because it’s a no brainer. The man is from here and is here frequently. Casey, Karen and Perry travel a long haul and have done it feverishly.

    On the Dem side we heard a lot from Hecht, Cathy Cox, and Darrell Hicks. They are not on your Party’s ticket. I honestly have no clue what their agenda is, or their ability to carry out whatever it is they would like to achieve.

  9. RuralDem says:

    I won’t disagree totally as I feel that most of the Democratica candidates have done a less than decent job on getting the message out.

    However, Martin was just in Macon last week and um Hicks has many ties in Middle GA, especially Crawford and Taylor where he grew up and where many of his family still resides, so I’d place him in there with Perdue as a “no-brainer”. I find it funny though because it’s not like you would think about voting for a Democrat if they spoke to you anyway. So exactly why do you care? Remember them not coming through “does good for my ticket”.

    I think it’s more of you not knowing (or purposely ignoring) when a Democrat comes through than anything else. They’ve been in the area, you just haven’t paid any attention.

    On that same note I could argue that since I have seen NONE of the Republicans around here, that they’ve done nothing for the area and no one should vote for them because of that. Right? Wrong.

    I guess you missed when Denise Majette was in Crawford a few weeks back for a debate that Kathy skipped? Oh no I cannot vote for Kathy now because she didn’t come by!!!! See… it really makes no sense.

    Don’t think that I am trying to make personal attacks, I just don’t understand your thinking as anything but “I’ll vote for a R no matter what!!!”

  10. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Where’s the beef? You an apologist for virtually every Democrat. So what’s the difference? You’re Dem. I’m a Republican. I happen to know and believe in the ability of the candidates on our ticket. That’s all…. no biggy.

  11. RuralDem says:

    “You an apologist for virtually every Democrat.’

    If I was an apologist I would be on here defending Kerry’s remarks and I would be voting straight Dem. So is there anything else you want to make up? πŸ™‚

  12. RuralDem says:

    I’ll be voting for more than one statewide Republican this year. I also mentioned numerous times that I’ll be casting a vote for Black in 2010 if he decides to run for the open Agriculture Commissioner seat.

  13. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Rural, so you are more noble than someone who voted straight ticket because he happens to know the candidates on a more personal level and has confidence in their ability to serve?

    Glad you voted for Karen. You know what she stands for and what her agenda is. She’s done a superb job at establishing positions, and it’s what Georgians are looking for. Efficiency, effectiveness and fairness. I have no clue what Buckner stands for.

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