Money situation.

James Salzer has a story about how much money the two Parties have as well as what some candidates in key races have in the coffers:

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Casey Cagle reported that he had raised $4.497 million as of Oct. 25, spending $4.09 million. He had about $407,000 left in his campaign account. Democratic candidate Jim Martin reported having raised $2.76 million and spending all but $115,000 as of Oct. 25.

. Attorney General Thurbert Baker reported having $170,000 left of the $3 million he’s raised this election cycle. He reported spending $1.88 million since the end of last month, most of it on TV advertising. His Republican challenger, Perry McGuire, reported having raised $907,000 and having $480,000 left as of Oct. 25.

. Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin reported raising $821,000 in the past few weeks and $3.2 million this election cycle. He reported having $261,000 left in his account. Much of what he reported raising in the past few weeks came from personal funds. Republican challenger Gary Black reported raising just under $200,000 since the end of last month, and $1.235 million since his campaign began. He has spent all but $294,000 of it.

. In the race for the open Secretary of State’s post, Republican Karen Handel reported having raised $1.04 million so far, including $185,000 since the end of last month. She reported spending $935,000 so far, with $106,538 left in her campaign account. Her Democratic opponent, Gail Buckner, reported collecting $412,000 so far, and spending $410,000.

. Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s campaign reported raising $2.13 million this election cycle, including $120,000 since the end of the month. He has so far spent $1.7 million to win re-election, and his campaign has $430,000 in the bank. His Democratic opponent, Guy Drexinger, reported having raised $378,000, and having spent $365,600, leaving him with about $12,000.

I find it interesting that Irvin has dipped into his personal money.


  1. blazer says:

    I know a checking account that could have used 756,000$ a hell of a lot more effectively than those two losers…

  2. Groseclose says:

    Irvin claims that he hasn’t dipped into his own money. Irvin suggests that he merely using the profits from the sale of stocks purchased from money received in previous campaign cycles. This discrepancy is paramount to Black’s legitimate calls for Irvin to come clean about what stocks he owns/has owned.

  3. Cotton Boll says:

    Grose is right. Ol Tommy has has a few fundraisers in SOWEGA and NOBODY shows up! Tommy is making this stuff up. Look at his disclosures and you will see very little money from donors, but lots from a stock brokerage. Gary Black has a real list of real people and is outraising ol Tommy in a big way. Next Tuesday is gonna be fun! We’re sending the old man home for good!

  4. waterboy says:

    Irvin also borrowed a few hundred thousand from himself in addition to his illegal staock sales. Good points Cotton Boll.

  5. Groseclose says:

    My apologies. Admittedly, I had not reviewed Irvin’s latest disclosures. Irvin has indeed received $300,000 in loans since the last disclosure. He has only raised about $40,000 from “contributors

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