Marshall wins one of “top 10 campaigns run by incumbents

But then again, he doesn’t have the problems that Republican incumbents have.  Of course, he might be benefiting from the comparison to Mac Collins, but congratulations are due to Congressman Jim Marshall for running one of the ten best incumbent campaigns in America (House, Senate or Governor). Take a look: 

Rep. Jim Marshall (D-Ga.): Georgia Republicans re-redistricted Marshall into a district that President Bush carried with better than 60 percent of the vote in 2004 and then recruited former Rep. Mac Collins (R) to challenge him. Marshall could have panicked. Instead, he focused on consolidating his base in the Macon media market and raising the sort of money ($1.7 million at last count) necessary to defend himself against Republican attacks. As a result, he looks likely to win next Tuesday in a seat that Republicans once believed would be theirs.

Marshall has done well despite being on the receiving end of probably more negative ads than any other candidate in the nation. Between Collins, the “independent


  1. RuralDem says:

    Well, when you have no reason to kick him out other than the letter beside his name, people are always going to portray him as liberal.

    Congressman Marshall is one of the few politicians left that actually does what he was elected to do, represent his constituents.

  2. Chris says:

    As a constituent I’m not that impressed with Marshall. When I wrote asking for his support on the voter verified paper trail bill in Congress, he wrote back saying he didn’t have time to look at that issue, that his attention was full with other projects he’d committed himself to.

    I guess I should be thankful he wrote back. Of the numerous letters sent to our state’s current honorable senators on a variety of issues, none were even answered.

    Speaking of senators, Coverdell and Cleland always responded, even if it was a canned response.

  3. I can’t imagine Taylor ran more than 10 or 12K of points in the primary, and of those at least half was strictly positive that didn’t mention Cox. So even though you were kidding I don’t think she comes close!

  4. me says:

    Oooooh-kayyy then … we’ll be sure and wait for that to happen.

    Listen, sometimes you just can’t win. This year, Dems get a big break. We’re due, after all.

    And it’s probably just about impossible to beat Marshall if at least half the district is in the Macon media market. Them’s the breaks.

  5. John Douglas says:

    “Marshall has withstood over 27,000 points of ads against him, ……”

    Well Bobby, here’s a tip for you: The election is next week, not this week. Save your “withstood” comment until after the people vote. You may not be so happy Wednesday.

  6. Dawgfan says:

    Interesting, but I’m sure someone on the Titanic declared it the “Best Cruise Ever” Then they hit an iceberg sank and were never heard from again.

  7. Senator Douglas, it’s funny that you would talk about unexpected surprises. I seem to recall you voted for the Republican redistricting plan for Congressional districts. And then later you were “outraged” that Rockdale county was now represented by Cynthia McKinney, but conveniently either ignored or forgot that you in fact voted to do this to Rockdale’s citizens. Whoops.

    If you are pulling for Metro Mac Collins, I have a feeling the surprises that this new Congressional map will bring are not over for you. I also see that you now live in the 8th district — will you be teeing yourself up as Jim Marshall’s sacrificial lamb for 2008? If so, where can I send the first campaign contribution?

  8. rightofcenter says:

    I had to respond to the Metro Mac comment. Not that it isn’t an effective ad campaign – I have no way of knowing. It’s just that it’s hilarious for him to be refrred to as “Metro Mac.” As an old logger, he’s about as unmetro as you can get. A matter of fact, I would say he’s probably the least metro of any of the candidates running for Congress in the state this year.

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