It’s Official: Traylor Disqualified

imageWell, to the right you can see the official correspondence from the Secretary of State’s Office to Mel Traylor telling him the Secretary of State has upheld the Initial Decision of the Administrative Law Judge, “wherein the judge found that [Traylor is] therefore NOT QUALIFIED to seek the office of State Senate District 1.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Now Eric can put out a whole lot of phone calls with that money encouraging people to vote for his first constitutional amendment…attack those people who haven’t yet been conceived who will likely become legislators 35 years from now to ban hunting and fishing in Georgia…it’s all a sinister plot that Senator Johnson MUST thwart NOW!

  2. patriot says:

    Mel Traylor and Mike Crotts – 2 delusional individuals who thought they could decieve the rest of us. This has to look good on a resume – not unsuccessful in race for elected office, but disqualified, and discredited for failure to meet legal requirements. (“Disenfranchised?”)

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