For Cagle, it’s all over but the shouting.

Cagle just received the endorsement of erstwhile Gubernatorial candidate and wannabe powerbroker Ray McBerry:

1 November 2006

Georgia First endorsement for Lt. Governor

2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry, of the Georgia First movement, is pleased to announce his endorsement of Senator Casey Cagle for the office of Lieutenant Governor.

After a personal telephone conversation between the two, Ray McBerry stated: “Casey seems committed to many of the same Christian and constitutional issues as our Georgia First organization; and, although we do not agree on every issue, there does exist a consensus on several issues which have the potential to greatly restore t he principle of ‘Georgia First’ well into the future of the 21st Century. I strongly encourage our ‘Georgia First’ supporters in both of the major parties, as well as our many third party and independent supporters, to join with me in voting for Casey on Tuesday November 7th.


  1. Iraqi Info Minister says:

    I believe this endorsement is as useful as my prediction regarding the British and American troops at the beginning of the war:

    “We will push those crooks, those mercenaries back into the swamp.”

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