Don’t Drink The Kool-aid

You’ll start seeing this picture in the masthead. It contains, perhaps, the funniest campaign sign of the year. Look to the left of the Alan Powell sign. The sign in question is purple with white letters and reads “Wake Up. Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid”.

We’re reliably told by the photographer, one of our readers, that the signs are from the Powell camp. Powell is running again MIke Griffin. Griffin is a Baptist minister. You can perhaps now get the subtle snideness behind the sign.


  1. Powell is one of the most conservative guys I know. Apparently his opponent is attacking him from the right. Yikes. I wonder if it is working better for him than it is for Mac Collins.

  2. Adam says:

    I personally like the slogan on the larger sign: Serving People First. Ideally you want to start with something light. I typically save people for the third or fourth course. 😉

  3. veritas says:

    Some of Alan Powell’s supporters have been trying to play the “religion” card for weeks now, suggesting, in ominous tones, that a pastor has no business running for elective office.

    One, picking up on the theme of the “Kool-Aid” sign, posted this on the Franklin Count Citizen (newspaper) “vent” page: “Another Jim Jones ??? We have enough idiots in politics as it is.” I suspect he failed his logic class.

    The reality, of course, is that many pastors have served honorably at various levels of government in our nation’s history.

    Even now, a pastor (Democrat) is running for Congress in Georgia’s 1st Congressional district. A former pastor (Democrat) is running for governor of Ohio. Another former pastor (Republican) is the governor of Arkansas.

    Pastors have as much right to run for public office as anyone. Generally, they are well-educated, have skills in dealing with people, and have experience in finding solutions to thorny issues.

    To rule out someone because he or she is a clergyperson displays an ignorance of history, as well as certain amount of arrogance regarding who is “qualified” to serve.

    I’m just waiting for, “It’s not that I have anything against pastors. I just wouldn’t want my sister to marry one.”

  4. mondaymorningqb says:

    More Alan Powell slogans…….

    Alan Powell is here “To Serve Man”

    Alan Powell: Endorsed by the Soylent Green Party

    I’m Jonesing for Alan Powell

    Get your Just Desserts with Powell

    Aren’t you “Guyana” vote for Alan Powell?

  5. Chris says:

    Erick says Powell’s “reliably liberal” in his similar posting at redstate. So is he conservative, or liberal?

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