Dear Sonny Perdue, Mike Wiggins, Heidi Davidson, Stan Durden, et al

I’ve already voted. So please, take these nice, colorful mailers I’ve been receiving every day, and use them on somebody else. The same goes for the phone bank calls — use your effort targeting folks who aren’t a waste of your time at this point (or at any point, since I didn’t vote for all of you).

That is all.


  1. Fogle says:


    Good for you. But how are they supposed to know you have already voted?

    I usually like what you post, but I’m wondering if there was a point to this one…

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    It’s bulk mail, robo calls and just gotv efforts (aka collateral damage). Use a shredder and it makes great compost filler.

  3. pachedhouse says:


    Maybe you keep getting called and literature because you just voted on the 30th and most people’s lists for this weeks mailers were probably pulled during the week last week.


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