Another photo for the masthead

I know that this is a blast from the past, but when you’re looking for good political imagery for the masthead, you can’t do a whole lot better than this (click photo for full-size version).

After all, crammed into this one shot you’ve got a state Senate candidate’s logo, a single-issue plug (the “birth control not bans” stickers), and the logos of both candidates for Governor.

Sure, the Taylor logo is more prominently — and respectfully — displayed, but there’s also a Sonny sign under the guy on the right’s feet (he, of course, happens to be Kidd for state Senate’s campaign manager; here’s another pic of him — warning: not for the faint of heart!).

See? If you look closely at the ground, this is even a bipartisan shot!


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    That just ain’t right. And I thought Kerry had given us enough reason to vote Republican. This just ain’t right.

  2. blazer says:


    I understand that you warned us to look at the photo at our own peril, but you didn’t warn us enough. Maybe some big, bold letters. Or a warning that states as this. Warning: Man boobs ahead.

  3. Know Nothing says:

    In regard to the second picture:

    At least now we know where we can find him when he is not standing on Sonny signs or stealing Cowsert signs: he can be found at Topper’s for the Male Revue show.

  4. Know Nothing says:

    Also, I want to know why the Kidd campaign feels like it is ok to wear Georgia Tech colors on a UGA gameday.

  5. ABB says:

    mercergirl – the picture comes to us courtesy of Kidd’s campaign manager’s own facebook profile. He wasn’t smart enough to “untag” unflattering photos of himself when he took the job.

  6. gatormathis says:

    That is a good picture. The girl, she looks so “pleased” to be there. She really doesn’t have the glowing face to match that smile.

    Now “Jaws” on the other hand, you can tell he is definitely proud to have been able to secure a photo of himself in company of such a fair young maiden.

    The boy is so damn goofy looking, I can only imagine he thinks he is auditioning as James Carville’s replacement.

  7. atlantaman says:

    If Kidd loses by a few votes they are going to have to ask themselves, “Was it the GA Tech colors?”

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