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It was Thurbert Baker. While I have tremendous respect for Perry McGuire, he has not, in my opinion, presented a compelling case for replacing Thurbert Baker who, in my opinion, has been an outstanding Attorney General and public servant. Too bad we can’t get him to switch parties and become Georgia’s Michael Steele.


  1. We are for Perry McGuire and we’re not interested in having another Democrat come into the Republican Party just to get or remain elected. Much of the Republican Party has morphed into the practices of the Democrats in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

    My opinion is we only have 2 former Democrats that have worked out front and behind the scenes as Conservative Republicans: Governor Sonny Perdue and Senator Jack Hill.

    The GOP has become watered down and I’m for cutting off the spicket on Democrats who want to use the GOP to remain in elected office. Let’s work hard and elect true Republicans like Perry McGuire. I know Perry and he has true Republican principles and Perry will govern as an AG with true Republican principles.

  2. LymanHall says:

    What was Brent Brown’s compelling reason for ousting the nation’s number 1 labor commissioner (as determined by the Bush Labor Dept.)?

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I don’t know Baker, but I do know Perry McGuire. He’s an honorable man and isn’t dramatic like a lot of politicians. He’s quite capable, honest and dedicated.

    From the top down our Republican ticket is strong. These men and women have criss crossed the state for the past year explaining their platform and agenda. I’m confident that if our ticket wins on Tuesday, Georgians will benefit enormously.

    Didn’t Baker try to obstruct the correcting of the legislative districts? If my recollection is correct, it was only a year ago that the Republicans finally were able to clean up the mess the Democrats created.

  4. ColinATL says:

    Erick, you do Thurbert Baker a disservice when you compare him to Michael Steele, seriously. The guy is pretty much an idiot, and I’m amazed the Maryland race is as close as it is.

    Just because Thurbert is black and Michael Steele is black shouldn’t serve as a basis for comparison.

  5. ColinATL says:

    There are moments, as a Democrat, that I get really depressed and want to leave Georgia. Todd Tibbetts comments above gave me one of those moments. Many Republicans won’t be happy until the political machine in Georgia is completely Red, and only TRUE Red at that.

    If single-party control in Washington has taught us anything, it should be that the public is best served when there are meaningful battles between two parties. Clinton did best when he had to work with a Republican congress, period. And Bush might actually be a better President if he has to work with a Democratic House (if he can get past the inevitable investigations).

    Seriously, if Thurbert Baker hasn’t been a conservative enough Attorney General for the Republicans in Georgia, then I fear what the future may hold for single-party control here.

    For the Repubs who will say that the Republicans are owed this due to the decades (nay, century) of single-party Dem control, I say that’s all well and good, but replacing one party completely with another just means dealing with the same problems we had before.

  6. Erick says:

    Colin, I know Michael Steele. He’s a great guy and a very smart guy. Just because he has an R next to him name, like Baker having a D, does not make him an idiot.

  7. RuralDem says:

    “Much of the Republican Party has morphed into the practices of the Democrats in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.”

    Well what do you except. Republicans did not come into power over night because an influx of Republicans moved into the state. They came into power because of FORMER DEMOCRATS.

    “I don’t know Baker, but I do know Perry McGuire. He’s an honorable man and isn’t dramatic like a lot of politicians. He’s quite capable, honest and dedicated.”

    I know Baker and everything you described about McGuire can be applied to Baker as well. Baker also puts the state over the party, an issue where McGuire apparently feels the opposite. We need less partisans and more commonsense elected officials. We need Thurbert Baker.

    “Seriously, if Thurbert Baker hasn’t been a conservative enough Attorney General for the Republicans in Georgia, then I fear what the future may hold for single-party control here.”

    There’s no problem with him being a conservative. Some of the posters around here would replace Baker with a far left liberal just as long as they had a R next to their name. Quite sad really.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    I really have a problem with you “I’m purer than thou” types. Nathan Deal – he’s worked out pretty well, hasn’t he?

    The GOP is the majority party in this state because of party switchers – those of you who stomp your feet and claim “I was here first” were probably happier when the GOP was the minority – at least you were pure, right?

  9. yellowhammer says:

    I lost any and all respect for Perry McGuire during a senate campaign when he told his opponent, whose young son had been in a terrible accident, that God caused that accident to tell him to get out of politics.

  10. Perry McGuire is a whack job. But he has a lot in common with Sonny Perdue, both of them have questionable tax and land dealings.

    I play softball out near Douglas County, where Perry McGuire claimed he had a “working farm” to save nearly $20,000 on his property taxes over the last 10 years. I drove by the “working farm” and all I saw was a bunch of suburban subdivisions just like everywhere else in metro Atlanta.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I obsessively study my property tax bill. If something was on there that was wrong (like claiming a working farm for my condo) I would definitely know about it. And I would work to correct it, especially if I was running for attorney general.

    I gotta tell you, the no trial experience really did it for me. That’d be like a eunich running for gigolo.

  11. jsm says:

    Obviously, some of you have never met Perry McGuire. And calling him a “whack job” doesn’t contribute to a meaningful debate.

    Baker has opposed the Governor and GOP legislators when having a unified team could have produced great things for Georgia. It’s one thing to have legislators from differing parties with differing views, but it’s another to have the State’s highest legal official on the opposing team from the majority party. We can do better than Baker.

    Perry McGuire deserves consideration, and I think he’s the best man for AG.

  12. Wow, when you speak the truth to Democrats and RINO’s it hurts them so they resort to trying to twist words and facts much the way Hunstein tried the last few weeks.

    COLINATL: Get used to it or move to a big government, liberal loving blue state. Lewis Grizzard, an old friend and one of my favorite storytellers, put it best when he said “Delta is ready when you are”. Boy, I really miss Lewis.

    RuralDem: There is a difference between a former Democrat who is now a true Republican (Our Governor is an example) and a former Democrat who runs as a Republican just to get votes and remain in office. I’m ready to turn the spicket off. (period emphasized)

    rightofcenter: Cong Deal has a good voting record on NFIB / small business issues. However, after being in Congress for almost 2 decades, he is part of the problem when it comes to the size of our government, the taxes we pay, and how we have let illegal immigration get out of hand. These things have happened on their (our) watch. I’m looking for leaders that want to lead not fill an office.

    Instead of tucking my tail, my outlook is to try to change it…

    I truly think what is wrong with our leaders is we won’t face the 800 pound gorilla. We’re allowing some of our Republican leaders to campaign as Republicans, continue to get elected, but govern like Democrats. We’re paying more in taxes than we’ve ever paid. Our federal and state governments are bigger than they’ve ever been and illegal immigration is out of control. Sure, they’ve talked about closing the border. But, what have they done to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books?

    We’ve got between 12 to 35 million illegal immigrants in our country and what are we doing? Sitting on our rear ends watching the problem get worse and worse while they use our taxes and commit atrocious crimes (murder, rape, etc) all over this country.

    We need leaders!

  13. Todd, I certainly hope Republicans heed your advice. I believe Sonny’s popularity in general stems from the fact that although a Republican, he hasn’t bought into the craziness and is mistaken by many voters as a Democrat.

    But hey, go for it on the purging and extremism. It worked so well to turn Colorado and Ohio from dark red to bright blue. And if you think Colorado and Ohio voters just aren’t as conservative as Georgia’s voters, then double up your efforts!

  14. Mad Dog says:


    Perry J. McGuire’s property can be viewed using Google maps. Ain’t no farm there.

    Perry swore under oath that he operated all 52 acres as a farm and that if given the conservation easement, he would protect and maintain the farm as a working farm for 10 years.

    He might be growing HEMP, but that don’t make it a farm. Ops. I meant to say, he might be growing and smoking HEMP, but that don’t make his crib a farm.

    Wanna doubt the facts? Why not pull the public records and see for yourself. Not only did he lie about operating a 52 acre farm, he had a homestead exemption for a different house … and he didn’t live in that house.

    (There is a reason it’s called a HOMEstead exemption. The HOME owner has to LIVE there to qualify.)

    Really bright behavior for a would be Attorney General, former State Senator, and LAWYER.

    I bet there’s a pattern to this. Who wants to bet he’s made other false filings for a homeowners exemption? Or, for other property tax exemptions?

  15. Bill Simon says:


    DO remind the readers that you ran for office this year under the “I’m closer to Jesus Christ than any of my opponents” platform and LOST YOUR ASS.

    The fact is, Todd, is that you know nothing about conservative principles and are only interested in injecting your religious views into society and government.

    Perry McGuire is only one level above you in knowledge in that he does have a legal background. Other than that, he is about as qualified for the office of Attorney General of this state as you are qualified to be a rabbi.

  16. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Erick was absolutely correct in voting for Thurbert Baker….I consider myself Republican, but even I KNOW that Thurbert Baker is far more qualified for that office than Perry McGuire…plus, the debate pretty much put me into the 100% for Baker column…he made Perry McGuire look foolish at times.

    And as for Mr. Tibbetts…if you are even suggesting that Sonny Perdue is a better public official than someone like Nathan Deal (albeit, State vs. Federal is an entirely different ballgame), you sir, have truly “drank the Kool-Aid” (as the post on here yesterday reminded me)…Sonny is horrible…he’s not a Republican or a Democrat…he’s just greedy and sly…look at how much money he’s made off being Governor – what a sham. I can’t wait for January 2011 to get here, when we have a REAL Republican in the Governor’s Office – be it Eric Johnson (which I would LOVE to see), Lynn Westmoreland, or potentially someone like Chip Rogers (who would also be an unbelievable conservative Governor).

    I just wish Democrats weren’t so stupid…b/c if they had picked C. Cox in the Primary (and if she hadn’t run such an inept campaign in the first place!), a run-off would be a sure thing…which is a disgrace for a “Republican” Governor in such a red state.

    Sorry – my rant is over now.

  17. Bill Simon says:


    Quite simply: I don’t like charlatans who run for office; I don’t like flakes who run for office, and I especially don’t like liars running for office.

    Especially the ones who are so stupid as to think they can lie TO ME.

  18. defnotrep says:


    Do you think Casey Cagle will step aside to Eric Johnson, Chip Rogers, or Lynn Westmoreland to run for Governor?

    Did anyone see Lynn Westmoreland on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central? Colbert asked Westmoreland to name the Ten Commandments. He couldn’t do it. He was like a deer in headlights. Guess he should have learned them if he’s going to make it the centerpiece of his legislative activity.

  19. Bill,

    Question: Who appointed you judge to cast stones at Christians by calling them names like charlatans, flakes, and liers?

    Is it ithe Devil? Or, do you choose some to use your hate on while leaving others alone?

    Have you ever thought of using love to combat your evil emotions?

  20. ColinATL says:

    I like how Todd questions who appointed Bill “judge to cast stones,” with one breath, and in the next judges Bill’s emotions as “evil.”

    Todd, please don’t tell me “if you don’t like it, then leave.” I believe that my vision of what a moderate Georgia could be like is just as valid as your vision of ideological purity. I’m here, and I’m working to change things in my own fashion. But I do lose hope sometimes, and primarily it is when I am confronted by intractable partisans like yourself. Those who have one true vision, who see no value in bipartisan debate or control. That’s when I lose hope. But I get it back, and the optimist wins out, especially knowing that even the most stubborn “heathens” can be converted. 🙂

    And I’m going to convert you with love, Todd. I love you! Maybe you can use love to combat your evil emotions. 🙂

  21. ColinATL says:

    Erick, you are right, I should not have used the word “idiot” to describe Michael Steele. But he has done some idiotic things in the campaign, not the least of which was getting caught calling an “R” a scarlet letter in Maryland in an “anonymous” Senate candidate interview. So I take back my word, and will instead use it only to describe behavior that I find idiotic.

  22. jsm says:

    “Jsm, can you point to a specific example where having a ‘unified team’ would have produced great things for Georgia?”

    -stupid law suits from the ACLU
    -voter ID

    …just to name a few

  23. jsm says:


    As I stated in a previous post, the AG position is different from electing another legislator. If Baker demonstrated a willingness to work with our Governor and majority legislators, I could support him. He has not.

    Putting this in context, we DO need an AG who is on the same team as our state’s leadership, no matter what letter is by his name. McGuire will be on the right team because of what he stands for, not because of the “R” by his name.

  24. RuralDem says:


    McGuire stands for something? At the Atlanta Press Club debate last week he was like a deer in headlights. He has no clue about the position of Attorney General. He should have stayed in the SoS race, at least then he could have made some decent arguements.

    Baker is NRA endorsed, and supported by a vast majority of Georgia’s Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers.

    As the top law enforcement officer in the state, I’d support someone who is supported by other law enforcement officers over someone who is running just because a Democrat is currently holding the office.

  25. Mad Dog says:

    Bill Simon,

    I love ya, dude!

    And, I don’t even care about your politics.

    That ought to mess your head up. It did mine. But, mine was already messed up.

    My personal advice, Bill. Don’t try to love them. Their mothers can do it better.


  26. jsm says:


    McGuire has his own long list of endorsements from DA’s and Sheriffs ( I couldn’t find a list of those supporting Baker. A STATE website ( with his biography says, “Mr. Baker’s tough anti-crime record has earned him endorsements from law enforcement officials across Georgia as well as the active support of the National Rifle Association.”

    Is Baker running for for Head Sheriff or the state’s head lawyer?

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