Zogby Interactive Is Still A Load of Crap

At Fogle’s encouragement, I’ll remind you all why I think Zogby Interactive is a load of crap.

In a normal poll, everyone, in theory, has an equal shot at getting a phone call from the pollster based on randomly generated phone numbers that exclude business numbers and cell phones (a problem for another post). All the individuals are polled and a poll is formed based on the relevant demographics, i.e. race, party affiliation, gender, etc.

Zogby Interactive does not do that. With it, you go to Zogby and take their poll online. You select to go to it. There is little randomness about it, though Zogby claims that it then weeds out the poll takers based on a users pre-stated qualifications.

The problem, of course, beyond the active nature of a Zogby Interactive poll (active, in that one seeks it out to participate), is that every study of internet users shows that internet users are not a wholly normative demographic, trending toward white users with upper level education. Likewise, participation in online surveys skews toward professionals.

All in all, I would not pay attention to a Zogby Interactive poll (they also don’t have a good track record). Zogby’s regular polls aren’t bad (not good, but not bad either). Zogby Interactive, however, are crap.

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  1. Fogle says:



    But John Zogby is soooo cool! You know, for a NY liberal who’s stuck up HuffPo’s ass.

    (FYI – I guess I wasn’t sarcastic enough on previous threads because I really don’t buy into Zogby’s methodology either… but I’m glad I inspired a brief Erick Erickson exposé.)

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