How’s it Lookin?

Okay folks, PP has been moved over to a new host (finally) and things seem to be on track. It’s a helluva lot faster for me, at least.

How’s it working for you? Faster? Same? Slower?


  1. Clayton says:

    Bill: I don’t see anything screwed up. I’ll look around in IE (instead of Safari).

    Chris: It’s definitely more *regular* on the speed side, if not much faster on your end. I’m also using a new service that serves the site from a cluster of 100’s of servers, so downtime is (in theory) a thing of the past.

    Much of the speed is attributed to the template we’re using, Cutline, and the “Recent Comments” widget which has to do a lot of per-user calculations each time you hit the page. No biggie, it’s still serving the page in under 1 second to me.

  2. Clayton says:


    I got it now – you’re talking about the timestamps moving. I’m not sure exactly what was happening (I wasn’t making changes), but for most of yesterday and the day before, the site was being served from two different webhosts. They were sharing the same database, but perhaps the timestamps are weird because they were being generated by two different servers.

    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure it’s done with.

  3. Chris says:

    It’s taking 5-10 seconds to load each page this afternoon. Hopefully that’ll be ironed out by election day?

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