Has John Kerry energized GOP voters?

I’ve been riding around at night putting out Sonny signs and listening to Michael Savage on WSB 750 am. Before you jump on my for listening to Savage let me say a) I’m not a fan of Savage and b) what else is a political junkie like me supposed to listen to while putting out signs – show tunes?

Anyway, two evenings ago Savage was saying how disappointed he was with the GOP and he was not going to tell people to vote for the Republicans and really didn’t care what happens next Tuesday. Last night, after Kerry said what he said, Savage was telling people Kerry’s comments just won the election for the GOP. Caller after called seemed to back up what Savage was saying, and while obviously his listeners generally think as he does, he (Savage) does have a rather large audience. In other words, Savage represents an identifiable chunk of the electorate.

Clearly Kerry’s comments hurt the Democrats, as evidenced by the cancellation of several of Kerry’s appearances.

Here’s my question: Is Savage right? Are previously lukewarm GOP voters now energized, and if so what impact will that have in Georgia?

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s what Kerry said to start this firestorm:


  1. BB says:

    “Is Savage right? Are previously lukewarm GOP voters now energized, and if so what impact will that have in Georgia?”

    Don’t know what impact it will have in GA, but there is no doubt the ongoing disdain Kerry shows for our military works against his party. He was supposed to be at an event for PA Senate candidate Bob Casey Jr. today, but is being called back to DC instead.

    The comment at the very least should serve to remind folks just how out of touch the dems are when it comes to national security and the role of our military. Combined with Kerry’s previous statements against our men and women in uniform, this latest attack will no doubt invigorate “cut and run” Republicans to postpone their feeble protest one more election.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in close senate race polls if the Kerry comment is included.

  2. John Douglas says:

    First let me say that Kerry’s remarks were insulting and demeaning to every American who is or has worn our uniform. But was the remark out fo character for Kerry? Not at all. You will recall that it was Kerry who compared American troops in Vietnam to the hordes of Ghengis Kahn.

    Senator Kerry has not been alone among Democrats in blasting not only the war but American soldiers as well. Richard Durbin, D-Ill said American soldiers serving as prison guards at Guantanamo were similar to Nazi death camp guards. John Murtha, D- PA, said Marines killed in “cold blood” before any trial, investigation or facts were available in that case. It was Democrats who tried to disallow military absentee votes in Florida in the 2000 Presidential election.

    This remark was likely a Freudian slip on the part of Kerry but serves to highlight the disdain and elitism that many Democrats show for our military. And this is not a recent happening. This superior attitude has existed since around 1970 when the Democrats began working hard for us to lose the war in Vietnam, regardless of the cost we had already paid at that point.

    Now Jim Marshall is trying to distance himself from Kerry’s comments but no matter what he says, he still remains in a party that for whatever reason seems to consider military service the end of the road when no other options are available.

    John Kerry must apologize quickly to every American veteran and the leadership of the Democratic Party would do well to be more supportive of the soldiers who stand between us and a new dark ages.

  3. RuralDem says:

    You’re right. Who cares how Jim Marshall votes. He has that D beside his name! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!

    I would really like to see how you react when a liberal Republican and a conservative Democrat run against each other.

    Naming three or so Democrats out of the millions in our country does not represent “many” in the party.

    Again, I think Kerry’s remarks were wrong. However, to make it a “my party your party” issue is quite sad and desperate.

    John Kerry is one man in one party. I guess those who did not publicly condemn Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, etc… all support their actions? After all, according to your logic that’s the case with trying to tie Marshall in with Kerry.

  4. GaChick says:

    But, who is the King of Gaffes?

    “Mission Accomplished”. Yeah right.
    “Last Throes of the Insurgency”. Huh?
    “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq”. Show me!
    “Stay the Course”. Errr, what?

    3000 brave American soldiers are DEAD because of Republican lies. You can’t support the troops less than this.

  5. BB says:

    Apologize? For what? With all due respect, who cares if Kerry apologizes? He said what he meant to say similar to actor Mel Gibson who apologized profusely, yet he will forever be remembered as an anti-semitic drunk (can a trip to rehab be far off for Kerry, works for everybody else who says / does stupid things).

    Kerry loathes the military, no need to apologize. Just don’t let him become Chairman of the Armed Services Committee if the dems fulfill the overzealous projections of the mass media and assume the majority.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    I would take umbrage at the “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” statement. WMD does not just mean nukes, people, when are you going to get that into your heads?

    Hussein killed thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons, classified by INTERNATIONAL LAW as WMD. We have found numerous caches of such chemical weapons in Iraq.


    So stop using that line, or change it to “There were no nuclear weapons in Iraq.”

    As for “Mission Accomplished” et al., well, I have no defense for those statements nor will I try, because I agree with you on those.

  7. jsm says:

    “John Kerry is one man in one party.”

    Since he was their presidential nominee 2 years ago, this statement isn’t an honest representation of his stature and influence with Democrats.

    Cunningham, Ney, and Foley didn’t have leadership roles similar to that of Kerry. Nonetheless, Republicans call out the bad in their own just like they do the opposition.

  8. RuralDem says:

    You’re right. All of Georgia’s Republican delegation condemned the actions of Cunningham, Ney, and Foley. If they did not do it with them, why does Marshall have to do it with Kerry? It’s called partisanship.

    It is an honest representation of his role within the party. Out of the candidates that chose to run he was picked the best. He was not the best candidate in the Democratic Party, simply the best candidate out of those within the Democratic Party that chose to run.

  9. Chris says:

    Mr. Douglas is being selective in his criticisms of Marshall’s party membership, especially since another Democrat from Georgia was chosen to speak at the Republican National Convention in 04. Why don’t you demand that Zell Miller withdraw from the Democratic party every time he speaks for Republicans with the same intensity as you demand Marshall do the same every time he votes with the Republicans in Congress? According to Zell, he’ll be a democrat till the day he dies, and the GOP can’t get enough of him.

  10. Chris says:

    I think the feigned outrage at Kerry’s comment make all of you look like a bunch of preschoolers laying on the ground screaming for mommy’s attention.

  11. GaChick says:

    Let’s have some outrage at this Bush comment:

    Just days after Bush signed the Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2005, Republicans and Democrats are calling for a Bush apology for his insulting of the entire Defense establishemt, and specifically our “Armed Forces.”

    Bush claimed that all those receiving money through the appropriations process, including the Pentagon and all branches of the military including the troops, “…never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people….”

    Oh Lordy, where was that OUTRAGE?

  12. GaChick says:

    Now I want an apology from Bush and his cronies. They have repeated in the past week or so:

    “If the Democrats win, the terrorists win.”


    I and other Democrats are not terrorists. Apologize to me now!!

  13. jsm says:


    How about a complete quote instead of some little snippet that you set up.

    I’m sorry you don’t realize that Democratic Party policies will increase the threat to our Nation from terrorists. How’s that?

  14. Mike says:

    Hey…silly little Chicky Girl. W made an obvious misstatement. Kerry made the mistake of saying what he felt.

    Just go back to doing your nails and try to forget about all this confusing political stuff.

  15. jkga says:


    “How about a complete quote instead of some little snippet that you set up.”

    Congratulations, you’ve figured out GaChick’s point!

    Kerry left one word out of a punchline aimed at George Bush. Taken out of context, it sounds bad. Does that mean every Democrat needs to apologize in unison?

    (Bush is apparently too clueless to figure this out.)

  16. Chris says:

    jsm: I’m sorry you don’t realize that Democratic Party policies will increase the threat to our Nation from terrorists.

    Explain it for us dumb folks. What are the threats to our nation from terrorists and what are the Dem. policies that will increase them?

  17. Chris says:

    RuralDem:I would really like to see how you react when a liberal Republican and a conservative Democrat run against each other.

    If there were a race between Zell Miller (D) and Bob Barr (R), I’d put my money on republicans voting for Miller, even though Barr was the driving force behind the Clinton impeachment charade.

  18. Mike says:

    jk-If you actually think that that arrogant, pathetic shell of a man actually was attempting to make a joke rather than expressing his true feelings, then you are a blithering idiot.

    If you really hurry, you might be in time to help Silly Chick with her nails.

  19. Chris says:

    You know what this little scene has done: PC-ified military service. No longer will anyone be able to say the military is an opportunity to further yourselves when no other opportunities exist for whatever reasons. So when all those commercials run about being all you can be and get money to go to college by joining the military, I expect a similar uproar over people’s desperation that’s exploited in those ads.

  20. caroline says:

    The GOP is apparently in worse shape than I thought if they need a gaffe to get them motivated.

    I don’t think it will work. I’m beginning to think that W. has some obsession with Kerry going back to their fraternity brother days.

  21. Demonbeck says:

    I saw Kerry speaking on television yesterday and thought it was that terrible “Munsters” reunion, so I changed the channel.

  22. jsm says:


    You could add anything you want to Kerry’s statement, and it would still insult the intelligence of members of the most technologically advanced military in the world. It doesn’t matter that Kerry was aiming the comment at the President. What matters is who he hit.

    No one is asking Democrats to “apologize in unison.” They’re rightly asking Kerry to make amends for insulting this Nation’s finest. Why is this so difficult for him? And why is anyone defending him? His statement is indefensible.



  23. Bill Arp says:

    This just goes to show you why folks like Bobby Kahn should not run the Democratic Party. Kerry does not represent mainstream americans but his people from home love him. Democrats allow Kerry to make boneheaded statements and take down the party and then the repubs ponce on it and make it their main attraction in every speech.

    Good Democrats should reject comments like Kerry has made and Good Georgia Democrats need to do this to Kahn everytime he makes you look like an idiot..

  24. caroline says:

    Where is the outrage when Bush says something? It’s not there. Where is the need for Republicans to disavow thier leadership? Don’t see it. Everyone was defending Hastert not calling for his head.

  25. Iraqi Info Minister says:

    John Douglas: Why don’t you run against Marshall This time, I quote your President, George W. Bush, “Bring it on.”

  26. Fogle says:

    Well… we were all waiting for the Democratic fumble and I think this was it. I’ll hand it to them though, they made it deeper in the cycle this time than usual.

    Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) admitted today that it’s an “unfortunate distraction” and that it’s “no longer about Casey vs. Santorum.”

    The DNC also noted that this could have a negative impact on at least two of their targeted House races.

    I say that any Democrats that haven’t distanced themselves could feel some backlash Tuesday. I wouldn’t be shocked if this plays a major role in a number of hotly contested races and maybe even swings the tide to the GOP in a couple of places.

  27. DougieFresh says:

    It’s not Kerry alone that has energized me. It is the synergy of Pelosi, Kenney, Kerry, et al. working together to motivate me. Also, the adds from Marshall which are bold faced lies about the Fair Tax.

    Democrats have never learned the lesson of not giving your opponents more of a reason to beat you. They insist on spiking the ball on the 20 yard line.


  28. defnotrep says:

    While we all sit here, comfortable in our homes, debating this non-issue, actual soldiers are sleeping in tents, hot as heck, and wondering if they are going to live through the next day.

    I think, though, Bush, in real terms, has much to apologize to the troops and to us. His unrelenting stay the course has just kept us in this quagmire that keeps spiralling downwards.

    Even James Baker says we can’t keep doing the same thing.

    What Kerry did was stupid….because he’s not even remotely capable of being funny and b/c there’s nothing funny about Iraq. But his remark is nothing compared to what Bush continues to do in real terms.

  29. Chris says:

    No actually Bob Barr is the most principled conservative republican representing Georgia in Congress in the last decade. And you guys threw him out.

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