Campaign Trivia

There is only one statewide candidate that has been endorsed by the AJC, Creative Loafing, Augusta Chronicle, Thomasville Times, Rome News, and Marietta Daily Journal – Karen Handel. I hear she’ll get the Macon Telegraph’s endorsement too.


  1. Dawgfan says:

    I had to go down to the Fulton Co. Board of Commissioners meeting today and got to see first hand how Karen operates. It’s not a surprise why she has recieved those endorsements. She is smart, professional and handles (no pun intended) her duties very well. She is the kind of person everyone wants to be in politics no matter what your party. Give her a couple of statewide races and she’ll be ready for the big job with the house on West Paces Ferry.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean this to be a love letter, but I have been very impressed by her.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    That’s an accurate assessment. The Handels are golden. Georgia’s the better for their leadership.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Brian, the Handel’s are tremendous people. I’ve gotten to know them fairly well. Steve and Karen are outstanding. While Karen is the candidate, Steve has stood behind her, driven the miles, ate enough BBQ to clog the arteries and croak from a heart attack, shook enough hands to pick up who knows what kind of virus and probably had to replace a dozen shoes from all the stomping. They’re good people. Both are effective leaders.

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