1. Demonbeck says:

    Speaking of foxes guarding the hen house…doesn’t Tommy Irvin have the rights to all of the vending machines at each farmer’s market in the state?

  2. waterboy says:

    The only fact in this ad that is correct is Tommy Irvin is desperate and in trouble of losing the election. Ask a farmer about the credibility of multi-millionaire Tommy Irvin…..they will tell you the truth about Irvin.

    I saw this on Gary Black’s website:
    As President of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, Gary Black worked to better Georgia agriculture through public policy, and federal and state officials, including Irvin, relied on his expertise. Irvin is well aware of the duties of the Agribusiness Council since his campaign chairman served on the board that hired Black 18 years ago.

    However, Irvin’s record is still not clear. In 1992, the Georgia General Assembly changed campaign finance laws to prohibit elected officials from accepting campaign contributions from industries they regulated, specifically because of Irvin’s behavior. read the whole thing at: http://www.votegaryblack.com/default.asp?pt=newsdescr&RI=285

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm. So long Tommy! Good riddance!

    BTW – I just voted for Gary Black!

  3. ikarma says:

    I forgot about all the Jim Jones Youth frequenting here. In that spirit Gary, Gary he’s our man – if he can’t do it Tommy will. Wait that doesn’t rhyme. I can’t wait for Gary’s stand on New Jersey civil unions! 9-11!

  4. Cotton Boll says:

    Gee defnotrap, that is quire a glowing endorsement of ol Tommy. I trust Gary Black completely because I know him and I know he is committed to a better industry. That means a lot to me.

  5. GAGirl says:

    You trust Irvin more than Black? Irvin is one of the most racist men I’ve ever met. Try talking to him. You’ll be shocked by what comes out of his mouth. Georgia deserves better!

  6. GAGirl says:

    That’s interesting considering Karen Handel trusts Black, Cagle, Wiggins and Sonny. That seems to be a misplaced vote there my friend. You know, I’m actually glad you aren’t a Republican. We don’t need people like you voting in our primaries.

  7. shotgunjohn says:

    I don’t care how stellar Tommy’s record may or may not be. He has had this office since before the flood, and he veiws it as his personal property. It is time for him to go. I loved the campaign run a few years ago by libertarian Sharon Harris (?), who vowed if elected she would shut the department down within her first term, because regulating farmers is not a proper function of government. Tommy needed to go then; he needs to go now.

  8. Dorabill says:

    Well out of the two I would have to say it’s the agribusiness candidate Gary Black. I lean toward the small farmer idea as well as organic foods. (yes I’m serious)

  9. atlantaman says:

    “Seems funny and truthful.”

    Oh yes it’s so truthful. Gary is a major lobyist for big industrial business. He represents their interests so industries can operate factories that spew smoke out into the air. What a joke.

    The sad part about it is that Tommy Irvin is now into Strom Thurmond territory and he probably has no idea the ad is even running.

    Ever notice how he never speaks and the shots are always far away from him in his ads. I bet it took 50 takes just to get him to record the 5 second disclaimer at the end.

    Of all the Democrats out there this year I believe this guy has to go, he was appointed by Lester Maddox for God’s sake. It’s not like he needs the money, he managed to become a mulit-millionare while serving as Ag. Commissioner.

  10. atlantaman says:

    “So what has Irvin done wrong exactly? Wouldn’t he know the farmers better than some techno whiz kid?”

    If this race was decided by the farmers, Gary would win hands down. Gary represents the interests of Georgia’s farmers, the Irvin ad is a lie.

    The problem is gullible folks like you will be voting who actually think Gary is a techno, industrial lobbyist because the Irvin campaign puts a cartoon picture of a factory with smoke stacks on a hit piece ad…and folks wonder why political ads are so dumbed down.

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