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  1. RuralDem says:

    “These events combine reinforce the impression that Marshall’s campaign is struggling mightily as Election Day approaches, and that Collins is surging toward the finish – a situation which is only temporarily remedied by the favorable headlines the publicizing of such a poll creates.”

    Little bit of a slant their eh Jeff? I realize you’re writing a pro-Republican column but to say the Marshall campaign is struggling is a bit of spin.

    Collins’ campaign shopped around a poll that was invalid and no one would even print it. The GOP has attacked Marshall with a non-stop barrage of ads (at least on WMAZ), and the President by tonight will have been through the area twice, so what’s the issue with Marshall releasing polling reenforcing the belief that he is ahead?

    The voters will not fall for those negative ads. They know the great guy Congressman Marshall is, and if anyone had any doubt, the debates the two have had should have wiped that doubt away. Marshall is the perfect fit for the district. He puts his district above his party and that is what we need instead of a rubberstamp from either side.

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