1. JRM2016 says:

    Is it enough?

    It looks now from the latest data available to those of us not behind the curtain that the GOP has 203 solid and the Dems have 210 solid. That means they only need an 8 seat pick-up. However I have been unable to find any projection that has either GA-8 or GA-12 going Republican.

    It seems to me also that the Dems really need a +2 margin in the House, as Dem Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi voted for a Republican speaker in the last Congress and there is no reason to believe his vote will change.

    So if we pick up GA-8 and GA-12 then there only need to be 12 more GOP seats to beat back a Dem leadership, assuming Taylor will vote with the GOP.

  2. A) Gene Taylor confirmed he will vote for Pelosi.

    B) This sounds like base enthusiasm bluster. There is no way a 50-34 race shifts from lean Democrat to tossup in 4 days even with a Presidential visit, and Barrow needs only about 20% of the white vote to win, something he did as a non-incumbent. Color me skeptical at these claims.

  3. JRM2016 says:

    I stand corrected, having checked the Hotline blog story from 10/25/06.

    Regardless, if GA-8 and GA-12 BOTH go for GOP on Election Night, that will be a very good sign that GOP will hold or that Dems will have an ungovernable majority.

  4. RuralDem says:

    Yeah I was shocked when I read an article a few days ago where Congressman Taylor said he would indeed vote for Pelosi. I was hoping he would be one of the ones backing a commonsense hopeful. Ah well. There are quite a few Democrats running for the GOP held seats that say they will NOT vote for Pelosi.

    Hearing that the NRCC has moved these races does nothing to change my mind. That’s like saying the DCCC has changed the rating. I’d rather see a rating change from a non-partisan group myself.

    Either way Congressman Marshall will be re-elected. Maybe Mac can run against someone else next time, or maybe run for Senate again.

  5. Iraqi Info Minister says:

    “They want to deceive their people first because now they are in a very shabby situation.”

  6. Ben Marshall says:

    Barrow’s 12th district is 45% African American, Burns won’t win.

    I would not list the 8th as a leans Rep. It is a toss up.

  7. GOP_Dude says:


    I’m afraid you’ve been mis-informed. The 12th district is:

    Voting Age Population: 41% AA
    Registered voters: 38% AA
    *Source: Secretary of State

    For old timers like me, we remember that Charlie Norwood’s old district was 42% AA for registered voters, and I’d say he did all right. It will be close, but Max will come out on top.

  8. GOP_Dude says:

    Oops, forgot to include my comment to chris.

    Given the above information, how is Barrow going to win with only 20% of the white vote? From my calculations, he’d have to take 99% of the AA and 20% of the white vote to win. Considering that even Bush took 12% of the AA vote in 2004, I don’t see that happening.

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