Updated Polling chart

Here’s an updated polling chart that includes the latest Insider Advantage poll as well as the Mason-Dixon poll reported in the AJC (Hat Tip: politicalpundit)

Strategic Vision Mason-Dixon Insider Advantage
10/20-10/22/06 10/25-10/27/06 10/27-10/29/06
Perdue 51 53 48
Taylor 32 36 40
Hayes 9 3 7
Rasmussen Insider Advantage Strategic Vision
10/08/06 10/16/06? 10/13 – 10/15/06
Perdue 57 48 50
Taylor 32 28 36
Hayes 3 (other) 9 5
Insider Advantage Strategic Vision Mason-Dixon
9/19-9/20/06 9/22 – 9/24/06 9/23 – 9/27/06
Perdue 52 51 53
Taylor 32 38 34
Hayes 6 4 2
10/05/02 10/xx/02 11/04/02
Perdue 42 39 40
Barnes 49 48 51
Hayes 2 ? ?

With reference to the IA poll, it was conducted last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, whereas the Mason-Dixon poll was conducted Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I seem to remember Rasmussen concluding that polls done over the weekend tend to favor Democrats. Am I right about that?


  1. stuartasb says:

    On a totally unrelated note, I appreciate the free avertising Atlantic Southern Bank is getting in the masthead shot. I happen to work for them. If only we could remove those Mark Taylor signs.

  2. hankreardan says:

    I do not believe the ramussen poll included the Libertarian Candidate Garrett Hayes.I believe we are polling 7-9%. The odd thing is we normally poll better down line. This year is just the opposite. The difference is we are spending more money on our top candidates. We also during a better job of getting them interviews and putting tv ads on the air.We did two interviews this morning on the way to the Macon Telegraph. Guys also about last years polls if I remember right did it not pour down rain all day long.If I am right that would hurt the demoncrats worse than most.Older people and people who use the Marta would be less likely to vote in bad weather.

  3. Election day in ’02 was awful. So much rain. I remember being worried about that. But, AA turnout was also higher than ever before (until the record was broken in ’04). However, that could be a function of population growth as well.

    A good pollster can control for things like weekend, friday night, etc by using a good sample and making a best effort (10+ callbacks) to reach respondents before moving on further down their random list.

    The worst thing to do is a one day poll. You can clearly and scientifically point out the potential problems with that (although in fairness any poll no matter how poorly conducted could be right).

    When it comes to what days are polled, though, I don’t think it really matters nearly as much as overall methodology, doing mutli-day samples, etc.

  4. buzzbrockway says:


    I searched the archives of the AJC and could only find the data I put in the chart. I’m not a subscriber to IA, but that would be interesting to see.

  5. housecreek says:

    Matt Towery and Insider Advantage have not gotten a poll right yet. If you go back and look, they predicted a Reed victory in the Primary. Towery needs to go to polling school.

  6. ikarma says:

    Averaging the last 5 polls (3 Insider Advantage, 1 Strategic Vision & 1 Mason Dixon) with 80% of undecideds (9% is the average of undecided in these polls) going to Taylor it ends up being 51.6% for Perdue and 41.2 for Taylor. Taylor has held steady since 19 October with a downward trend for Perdue from 54.25% to the current figure. There should be a Zogby poll coming any day as they polled in Georgia early last week.

  7. Mary L says:

    A little reality here. U may not like it, but I looked it up. IA polled Perdue the winner in 2002 (only1) and the last published story on Reed (NY Times) they showed Cagle winning (only 1). A little jealousy goes a long way. Also–weren’t they the iones who had Barr losing and Mason Dixon had him beatimng Linder? Oh yeah.

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