1. GaChick says:

    Hey, Zell looks mean and ill-tempered. That’s not the kind of spokesperson that can make people feel good about a candidate.

  2. politicalpundit says:

    GREAT ad! Gives me chill bumps when I watch it. And GaChick, I have to disagree. Zell is perfect for that ad. Miller is extremely popular throughout Georgia, and he’s public endorsement and support can only help Sonny. This is a perfect closer.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Now that is a smooth ad. Smooth I say, and a lot of nicely delivered statistics are given. The ad has wonderful sight promotion and is good on the ears.

    Most of all, as simple as it plays out, it is true. Georgia, along with the rest of America is rolling along again.

    This is in nice contrast to the playboy taylor’s ads. It sure is funny how someone who has done so well off Georgia’s government wants to direct attention away from himself. From his dad’s so called 95 dollars to being touted in Georgia Trend as in excess of 750 million, the taylor family has reaped many plums from the state money tree. If the AJC wanted, it could pull its nose from taylor’s pompous rumpus, and ask the Ga Dept of Rev how many millions of dollars has the family raked in over the last 40 years.

    The waddling one says dahh-dee’s finances are nothing to do with him, yet that is the very system that gives him the funds to do as he wishes. He’s dreamed of being in charge of the State of Georgia for a long time, like it was some big game of marbles. His childish rants remind me of “marbles gone mad”.

    A lot of preference has been given Democrats over the past few decades. They have controlled Georgia and done with it as they pleased, helping who they wanted, as they helped themselves.

    Sonny did what he did with his own money. Taylor talks about a blind trust, his whole life is almost a blind trust. But a business friend of mine says it is not a true blind trust, he just makes a bunch of money off things he dosen’t direct daily. Sounds like a good deal to me, live the life of squander in Atlanta, hang out with the big shots, and party from dark til dawn.

    Hopefully the good folks of Georgia will vote the great turkey buzzard taylor off the State payroll next week. It will be interesting for pappa to have him to look after full time again.

    Let’s see, they say the Flint River begins just below the Atlanta Airport. Just put his large a** on a slow ride to Albany. Water is a little low due to the drought, so he can just “cry himself a river” on his way home.

  4. GaChick says:


    The flaw in your argument is that if Mark really wanted to live off of his father and off of his inherited trust, he wouldn’t be going through this hell of running for public office. He’d be on a cigarette boat in Florida tooling around and partying with other “lucky sperm” babies.

    Instead, he’s chosen public service. He sincerely wants to work for the people of Georgia and wants to work to better society.

    Boss Hawg Sonny Perdue has only used the Governor’s office to enrich himself and his corporate buddies. He’s cut state funding for handicapped kids while giving himself a $100,000 tax break. He’s participated in 2 shady land deals, one that’s in Florida and the other that’s next to a former state park that he allowed to be sold to his developer buddies.

    Mark already has a rich family and he had no control over that. But, he’s made the conscious decision to make something more of himself instead of continuously enriching himself, or at worse squandering the family fortune. Sonny, on the other hand, is rich too…but he’s using the Governor’s office to make himself richer.

  5. CobbGOPer says:


    Taylor isn’t “choosing” public service. He’s blatently and openly pursuing power.

    If Mark Taylor wanted to make something of himself, he would have started his own business and gotten out of the shadow of his wealthy family. Instead, he remains on his father’s payroll so he can garner an easy salary while pursuing his dreams of political power.

    His years in the state senate were a setup to his run for Lt. Governor, a position with little actual power and few responsibilities (which makes it a great place to start your campaign for governor, plenty of time for fundraisers). He’s never taken any initiative in business or even law on his own. It really appears that his entire existence up to now has been in preparation to run for high office.

    Sorry, but I have a hard time believing that kind of person gets into politics for the “public service” aspects of the job.

    I won’t defend Perdue (as I have bones to pick with him as well), but let’s not look at Mr. Taylor through rose-colored glasses either. He’s an opportunist of the first degree.

  6. GaChick says:

    If Mark were an “opportunist” of the kind you’re talking about, he would have used his family money and influence and “leg up” to start a business and flourish from there. That’s much less consuming and much less intrusive than running for political office. Mark’s got a law degree. He could have made millions in private law practice by now. He chose public service instead.

  7. RuralDem says:

    Without Zell I don’t think the ad would have been that great. With Zell however I’ll admit that it is really good. Zell is without a doubt on my list of top 3 favorite politicians of all time. I like the fact that he calls it like he sees it. Although, I do think he chose the wrong person this time.

    Oh well, when members of the Democratic Party scream that he’s a traitor, I guess it would not make much sense for him to come out in support of many of them.

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